Wrong Habits That Cause Acne And Rash on Your Face

Wrong Habits That Cause Acne And Rash on Your Face

If you want smooth and flawless skin, then you have to adopt some habits for this. It is said that when a person enters in the teenage, due to hormonal changes, acne or pimples start appearing on his/her face. However, if some wrong habits remain together, even with increasing age, all these skin problems do not go away and continue to cause damage to the skin. If you want to get rid of recurrent acne or pimples on your face, then Habits That Cause Acne has to change.

Habits That Cause Acne

Not using the product according to age

Not using the product according to age

Yes, we know that you may not have thought that according to age, one has to choose the products else it can also damage your skin. For example, if you are using an anti-aging cream prematurely, then the ingredients that are wrinkled with wrinkles can invite pimples to create a ruckus inside your skin. It is better that you get your skin tested by a skin specialist and use the products according to their advice. This is the first Habits That Cause Acne.

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Use soap

Use soap

It has been proved in many studies that the use of soap on the face harms the skin. This is another Habits That Cause Acne. According to body cleansing, soaps made by products not only steal the moisturizer from the thin and sensitive skin of the face but also give the chance of penetrating the bacteria by bringing dryness in it. It is better to use a gentle face wash and keep the skin healthy.

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Face touch

Face touch

The habit of repeatedly touching the face is to invite pimples and pimples. You may feel that your hands are very clean, but in every moment the fingers touch so many things that the bacteria that grow on them from the dust comes in contact. When these hands will be applied repeatedly on the face, it is obvious that there will be skin problems. You have to leave these Habits That Cause Acne if you want clear skin.

Eat too much junk or fried food

Eat too much junk or fried food

More oil, spices, junk, or deep-fried food are not only harmful to health, but they also give harm to the skin. Avoid these Habits That Cause Acne. What you eat and what you do, it has a clear effect on the skin. That is why skin experts recommend including things like fruits, salad, pulses, detox drinks, except non-healthy items in the diet.

Not cleansing the face at night

Not cleansing the face at night

Not cleaning makeup on the face or not washing the face before going to bed at night gives bacteria a chance to be born in the skin. These Habits That Cause Acne is very poor habit also causes pores to block. This starts the problem of pimples and acne. If this habit is not changed quickly, the skin can become quite damaged.

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Few Tips to Cure Acne

1.Antibacterial soap is also effective

Antibacterial soap is also effective

Antibacterial soap is also helpful to prevent pimples from growing. Make you notice that itching occurs before the pimples occur anywhere on the skin. If itching occurs, immediately apply antibacterial soap to that place.

Leave this soap on the skin, do not wash immediately. Therefore, apply only to the area which is itchy. This will kill pimples and keep the skin clean.

2.Use a pinch of turmeric

Use a pinch of turmeric

If you are at home, use a pinch of turmeric on your skin. To apply turmeric to the itching area, make a paste with rose water. Or mix it with pour Aloe Vera gel and apply it on the affected area.

Then leave it to dry. Turmeric is an antibacterial and Aloe Vera gel instantly cools your skin and enhances the repairing process. By the time this paste dries, the pimpled bacteria will be dead and your skin will be clean.

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3.Balm is also effective

Balm is also effective

If you have more pimple problems. If your skin is sensitive and oily, then you should always keep a small bottle of balm in your bag. Because external dust on the sensitive and oily skin quickly has a bad effect and there is a problem of pimples and acne.

To avoid this, you use Balm. Whenever you have itching, nourish the same area with the balm, do not rub it, and do not itch. If necessary, apply Balm 2 to 3 times. This will help the pimples not to grow on your skin.


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