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The Correct way to apply Blush for every face shape

Makeup December 5, 2020 Comments

Everyone wants a pink cheek like apple and blusher is very useful for this, but if the blusher is not applied properly, it can spoil the beauty of your face. Blusher should always be applied keeping in mind the skin color and shape. Blush is an important part of a makeup kit. The makeup completes only after applying it, but not everyone knows the correct way how to apply blush.

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10 Different Types of Face Makeup You Should Know About

Beauty Makeup October 22, 2020 Comments

Different Types of Makeup Techniques, Styles, & Products Different Types of Face Makeup and their benefits are not a topic to discuss in few lines or paragraph, it is very vast subject.  Principally made to emphasize women’s natural features and mask ones that make her feel anxious. So she can come out with perfect attractive appearance and she will face…

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Professional Makeup for Office or Interview

Makeup October 5, 2020 Comments

Professional Makeup for Office or Interview It is necessary for you to know how to apply or wear professional makeup for office. This is especially true for those who are in a professional field such as an executive, a teacher, a nurse, or someone who works as a secretary at a company. For makeup to be measured professional, it desires…

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