How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup for your eye shape

How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup for your eye shape

How to do a Smokey Makeup Look? Over 38 million women have asked this question on google. I understand this, smokey eye makeup can be cagey in practice, even if it sounds simple. Smokey Makeup Look is meant to be a rebellious, rock n roll alternative to neat makeup.

In this beautiful world of Smokey Makeup Look, eye shape matters. Every shade you use, or any shape you create, should be balanced with your eye shape. So that you can achieve that vibrant and balance look to create that trance.

How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup ?

Whether your eyes are round-shaped, or you have a wide set of eyes, there are always tricks to apply that smokey eye effects.

To land that perfect smokey eye shape, we have decoded some easy techniques based on your unique eye shape.

So, fasten your seat belts and let go for a Smokey ride!!!


# Wide Set Eyes: – When you have this type of eye shape, the best you can do is create an illusion that your eyes are closed.

  • You will have to visually “Pull in “your eyes closer by blending your eye
  • Use your lightest eye shadow color or highlighter, brush over your lid and brow
  • Now go for a medium shade and brush it inward from the outside corner of your
  • It’s time for you to choose a darker shade, to deepen your smoky effect. Do it by brushing the upper lash line, starting from outside and stroking in the color into the crease of
  • Use black shade to finish off the lining of your lower

Tip: Go for the intense pigments in your eye shade collection to achieve that smoky effect.

# Down turned Eyes: – When you have downturned eyes, the outer corner of your eyes droops slightly.

  • So, the best Smokey Makeup Look shade you can do here is – the famous cat-eye shape. I know you are excited!
  • For this look, we recommend you start with a liquid liner that will make a cat-eye look like a
  • Apply light highlighter shade to the entire lid, inner corners, and brow
  • Now, from the middle of your lid, brush a medium shade till the outer corner and blend it smoothly with a darker shade at the most outer corner of your
  • Finally, make sure to blend it up and


# Upturned Eyes: – There’s an advantage for women with upturned eyes, which is they have a natural lift which is ideal for Smokey Makeup Look, so you will just have to enhance that!

  • Here you can divide your lid surface into half and apply a lighter shade to the inner half and a medium shade to the outer half. Remember to blend them
  • Finally, using a darker eye shade – line out the outer corner of your both upper and lower lash, just to highlight your sexy eye

# Close Set Eyes: – I am sure you must have known till now, that makeup is a great way to create an illusion. So, similarly, you will create an illusion here of your eyes being apart.

  • You will have to start with a lighter shade on the inside part of your
  • Concentrate dark shades on the outer side of your eyes for maximum smoke effect!
  • The trick for smokey eye effect here is, you need to divide your eye in 3
  • Apply the lightest base to your lid, focus on the inner
  • Blend smoothly your medium shade lids, from the middle of your lid in the outward
  • Finally, use the darkest color on the very outer corner of the
  • Extend the shadow outward a little to balance the closeness!

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# Hooded Eyes: – Hooded Eyes have hooded lids i.e. they have extra skin that just drops over the natural crease, which makes your eyes look partly closed.

  • You need to avoid applying dark shadow over the eyelid as it could enhance the lid and make it appear
  • Instead, use a medium shade like a light brown, brush it from the outer corner of the eye, bring it up and over the hooded area, causing a gradually diminishing
  • You can use the same shade for your lower lash
  • Now use your contour shade and layer it on top of your medium shade which you applied but try not to extend it as we are applying it just to enhance your smokey effect.
  • And finally, to make your eyes visually appear wide, use a highlighter, and apply it to the inner corner of your lower lash line and your brow bone – create a partition between eyes and eyebrows!

# Round Eyes: – When you have round eyes, your aim should be to visually show your eyes close by blending shadow inward instead of outward.

  • This you can achieve by brushing on super light eye shadow over your eyelid and brow bone.
  • You can use medium shades on the outside corner of your
  • Apply the darkest shade along your upper lash line from the outside and pull the color up into the crease
  • Lastly, finish up by lining your lower
  • Remember to pay attention to the inner tear


# Small Eyes: – Here we will use the same technique as we used for closed Eye Shape.

  • For small eyes use light shades on the inner part of your eyelid and darker shade on
  • Divide your eyes into three parts and apply the lightest shade to your lid first, focusing on the inner
  • Use medium shade from the middle part of your outward lid.
  • Use the darkest shade for the outer edges of your

Now, it’s time for you to use these techniques and play around with your shades. Before we sign off, let me tell you that there is always a unique process for every eye shape. The talent to find which one works for you or say suits you the most relies on your willingness for experiments.

Your trial and error can lead to most vibrant and sexy eyeshadows and note this smokey eye Makeup effect is the most substantial!


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