Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

What Is Permanent Makeup?

What is permanent makeup and what are the benefits it provides? Read on to find out more about this popular method of facial makeover.

Permanent makeup is a type of cosmetics that lasts for years without having to reapply it. It comes in different shades to choose from such as light, medium and dark shades so that it would not be difficult for a person to choose the shade that is suitable for his/her skin.

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic process that works on the skin from inside layer.  You It is also known as cosmetic tattooing, micro-pigmentation or derma-pigmentation,

It has been around for several years. It’s basically the practice of using tattooed designs to create subtle and even skin tones to a person’s face and lips. The concept behind the makeup procedure was created by a well-known artist, Dr. Perrie Davis. In fact, she developed her technique from a technique used to apply artificial make up to the skins of real women.

Permanent makeup can be used on different parts of a person’s face. It can enhance a person’s features and make them look more youthful and beautiful. This also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging marks.

Permanent makeup on different parts of face:

·        For lips

·        For Eyebrows

·        For Scars

·        For Pigments

·        For Eye shadow

·        For Mole

·        For 3D Lips

·        For Hairline

·        For Foundation

·        For Eye liners




  • Save time – no need to spend your valuable time in applying makeup. Invest that time in more constructive work.
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Offer an equation to face and features
  • Tension free life about your looks
  • No need to waste your time in taking appointment of beauty salons and spending time there
  • Your lip colour perfectly matches your face and allow I to glow more
  • You will look young for long and long








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