Orange Makeup For Bold & Bright Look

Orange Makeup For Bold & Bright Look

As fashionistas you & I have been stalking our favorite fashion bloggers & celebrities on Instagram – our eyes constantly exploring new beauty treatments, fashion trends & makeup products. From sultry sunset eyeshadows to warm coral blushes , everyone is talking about Orange Makeup. Orange! Bright, bold and cool fun shades. Our go to pup colour for the coming spring.

Major celebs like RiRi, lizzo, and Chrissy Teigen flaunting this tangy colour and it has made us madly excited to start wearing it. If you are looking for more daring color than safe pinks and reds, take a look at this article , you’ll be right on trend without going over the top.

Orange Eye Makeup

Orange Eye Makeup

Orange eyeshadow is the on-going trend and the perfect way to add some bold colors to your makeup kit.

#1 Orange Lids:-

Cover your eyelid with a wash of orange and go with this trend.

Follow the next steps for – How to cover your eyelids.

  • Prime your eye :- Before applying eyelid shade, you need to cover your eye with eye primer. Eye primer is an essential part before you apply any eye shade. The eye primer increases the lifespan of your shade and provides more vibrance to your shade.
  • Applying Your Eye shadow:- Then by using fluffy brush, grab your favourite orange lid of any type and apply it. By using this brush the shade will blend into your crease and also will soften the harsh lines.
  • Mascara Time:- Orange lid color is bolder than shades , so you don’t need any eyeliner to highlight it. Instead use mascara to coat your lashes.


#2 Orange and Golden

Orange and Golden

If you love sparkle, you can add two colours to your eye shadow. Shimmering effect will enhance your style and look.

It’s Orange & Golden !

You know the 1st step – Prime your eyes , I won’t keep you long here.

Let’s dive into some important parts.

  • Colour Your Lids:- The 2nd step is to grab your golden color and cover your lids with it.
  • Now Adding your Orange:- Now you got to be using Matte Orange eyeshadow to highlight your lids. You will have to blend well between orange and golden to have a mesmerizing look. You can also give a smoky effect by using a thin flat brush to apply orange matte on the lower lash line.

Remember to give it a little shadow so your smoky effect will make your eyes smokey.

  • To Coat your eyes , use a mascara.

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#3 Orange and Yellow

Orange and yellow are the perfect pair! We both know that orange and yellow are great combinations , and so it is no secret that if you try this you will thank me.

So Here’s what you gonna do:-

  • Use an eye primer to soothe your eyes.
  • Use a mustard yellow eye color to color your eyes.
  • Apply rusty orange eyeshadow with the help of fluffy brush. Blend it nicely between mustard yellow and rusty orange to give a flawless look.
  • You can highlight your lashes with brown mascara.

Quick Tip:- You can use a brown eyeliner to line your upper lash and also give it a wing at the end of it.

Blush Cheeks with orange

Blush Cheeks with orange

Are you in favour of peachy Orange ? Then you need to ditch the pink or tan blush. Use Peachy bleach blush to give you that bright summer glow.

Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks and blend it with your fingers to get a more natural & flattering look.

“ Just have a Smile. Fun And Keep putting on Lipstick “


Rocking Orange lip Makeup this fall !

I Feel Orange color is a statement color straight outta your dreams and onto your lips.

Orange lipstick will immediately illuminate your face and you would barely need any other makeup to complete it. I Promise you after reading this section you will definitely have a trance on others.

Here I will share with you some tips for applying Orange lipstick

  • Make it a Statement :- Winter is here! Temperature is dropping , are you going to stop using bright lipstick. No Way! We pretty ladies are style statements. A bold and bright lipstick is all year essential. You can easily pull off the orange lipstick by having perfect lip liner in a similar shade of your lipstick. And orange is such a bright and bold color, it’s important for you to keep your makeup balanced. In my opinion you can pair it with smoky eyes , highlighted with mascara.

Orange Lips| Lightly Skin shade| Bold Brows| Mascara|

A perfect go for your kisser.

  • Little Hesitant about your orange lipstick dream. Problem Right ? There is a solution for every problem. We recommend you opting for a shade that’s more creamy than carrot.

I am talking about pastel shades. Yes! You are excited I know. These pastel shades work in all – Glass, satin or matte finishes and will give stunning and glamorous looks and any skin tone.

On the other hand these pastel shades allow your natural lip color to peek out, giving your lip an orangish shade.

  • I will share with you the secret of pairing your orange lipstick with eye makeup. Hey it’s fall , and I don’t want you to go neutral with your eye makeup. The trick is to use two colors which compliments each other with intensity. For example:-

Bright colored eyeshadow with orange lipstick.

Pale Purple Eyes x Orange Lipstick

Bright yellow Eye Shadow x Orange Lipstick

Deep Pink x Orange Lipstick

Red x Orange Lipstick

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Eye Makeup with Orange Makeup

It’s incredibly tricky for most of the people to pull off correctly the eye makeup, especially orange, as it is not basic black or any neutral.

Monica Mamro – the makeup artist for del Pozo found a way to make orange eye makeup not only look easy but exceptional. She glittered the eye with coral shadow and used neon orange with a very thin liner brush to create delicate orange wings that just extended out from the corner of the eyes.

Be it a party or a date , orange eye makeup will never disappoint you.

Orange eye makeup along with mascara will make you bold and brighter and will make people remember you.


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