Nude Lip Shades that Work Wonders for Dark Skin

Nude Lip Shades that Work Wonders for Dark Skin

Are you among the ones worried about your dark or dusky skin tone? You know what? Nude lipsticks look marvelous on dark or dusky skin tones too! Stop worrying about the color and feel blessed for the color that God gave you. Longing for the perfect lipstick match for your undertone? Well, finding a Nude Lipstick for dark skin one that perfectly matches your skin tone is insanely difficult. It’s just a matter of finding the right shade of your skin tone. Nudes, these colors come in plenty! So, start finding your perfect match until you get it. Nude colors are supposed to be flesh-toned; each of our tones is different for each person.

You will surely find the right shade of red lipstick before you find a perfect Nude Lipstick For Dark Skin that does not look like a concealer dabbed on your lips. So, how do you find the nude lip color of your dreams? Should you go for brown or peach? How does one know?

Firstly, you need to avoid this mistake that usually other women make. Don’t select a color that perfectly goes with your skin tone. As you know nude colors are neutral or flesh-toned. It would end up looking like a foundation or might look horrible. Now, what should you do? Find a shade in Nude Lipstick for Dark Skin that is darker than your skin tone. Understanding your skin tone is important.


Next, when you know about your skin tone, understand how exactly your undertones are. The key to finding the perfect nude shade is your undertones.

Understanding your undertones Undertones are basically of three types:

  1. Warm
  2. Cool
  3. Neutral

To find your undertones, look at your veins.

If you have greenish colored veins, you possess a warm undertone.

If you have blue or purplish colored veins, you are a bit cooler. And, if you cannot see any color it means you are neutral.

Searching for a nude shade in the sea of nudes can be head-scratching. I have made the task easier for you. I will be sharing some nude shades for dark and dusky skin tones.


Along with finding the nude shade, find a lip liner that perfectly matches your nude lipstick. Choose wisely.

Let’s talk about these three skin tones first

  • Medium skin tones
  • Dark or dusky skin tones
  • Deep skin tones
  • Medium skin tones

Try to search for a shade that won’t end up looking pasty on you. Medium skin tones that are olive and tan should find a shade with a tint of warm toffee or peach. Although, Medium skin tones look great in beige shades of lipsticks.

You can also find the ones with rosy tones. Enhance your lips so that the shade does not merge but reflect. This will prevent the shade from looking chalky.


  • Dark Skin tones

Dark skin tones are likely to avoid pink or white undertones. As it would be unflattering, ending up in a grey powdery look.

Dark skin tones must try warm chocolate, reddish-brown, and orange hues that will help you add a little more contrast to your lips.

  • Deep skin tones

For deeper skin tones, shades like deep auburn brown and berry pink tones will work best to enrich and enhance the skin complexion.

To make it more effective, outline your lips with a lip pencil. Define the outer edges of your lips. Other nude shades that work well for Dark skin tones. Let’s have a look.

  • Shimmery nudes

All you need is Shimmery nude bronzy brown lip shades. Shimmery nude lip shades reflect light and give sharpness to your lips. As we said earlier, pick a shade of warm toffee or brown shades that enrich your skin tones as well as lips perfectly.


  • Soft, matte nudes

If you don’t want to apply shimmery lip shades, soft matte nudes can be the best alternative for you. These types of lip shades have the perfect balance between a beige and caramel lip shade. If you need to add an instant shine to your lips, just swipe on a transparent lip gloss.

  • Pinkish-Brown hue

You might often feel that your lips are too dark, right? Don’t worry there is a solution to every problem.

Pick up a lip pencil/liner that matches perfectly to the outline edges of your mouth and even out your lip color. Then start filling it on your lips. Start covering it with a pinkish hue. Choose a shade that is pinkish brown, to add a lovely color to your lips.

  • Burnt Rosy-Brown hues

One issue that arises before finding the perfect match is the color of your natural lips. How can you find something that perfectly blends with both of your lip colors? Do you feel that your upper lips are darker than the bottom ones? Do have a fleshy-pink lower lip and solid brown upper lip? Well, many women with dusky skin feel so. You are not alone!


The key to even out your lip color is using a concealer. Always keep a habit of applying a corrector, foundation, or concealer to make your lips look similar. This can also help in making your lip color last longer. Otherwise, try using a brown shade of lip liner. Choose a shade that looks like a burnt rose. Because rosy pinkish nudes simply work best for such skin complexions.

  • Deep caramel hue

Try a shade of deep caramel hue that looks different on you and makes you stand out from the rest. Choose a moisturizing lip shade to make your lips look softer and shinier.

  • Orange tinted hue

These kinds of lipsticks particularly have an orange undertone that looks surprisingly neutral on lips. It will feel the same, as you use an orange concealer to hide out your dark circles. So, this orange-tinted lip will help in canceling out any darkness or discoloration on your mouth and picks up on the yellow undertones.

The best way to choose a nude is to match your skin’s undertone: pink undertones can use pinky undertones, neutral undertones can use peachy undertones, and yellow undertones are flattered by peach, copper, or golden nudes.

Now, you can find your perfect lipstick match. You go, Girl!


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