Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Old

Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Old

Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Old


As you grow, you undergo changes and so does the skin of your face. The skin acquires new lines and wrinkles. Gradually, it loses its elasticity and firmness. In this scenario, the tried and tested makeup routine which is actually Makeup Mistakes you have mastered over years might make you look old and aged! It might be holding you back from a better, vibrant and youthful look!

Thus, there exists a need to change your makeup routine. Here, we will give you the 9 Makeup Mistakes that you must avoid and the respective fixes to create the perfect makeup routine, unleashing the new look, fresh, young you!!


#1 Foundation faux pas

Makeup Mistakes can start right at the foundation. The 2 biggest Makeup Mistakes you can commit- choosing the wrong colour and applying excessively which make you look older. While not applying foundation gives an uneven texture to the skin, too much would highlight your wrinkles. Hence, apply judiciously.

For the right colour, since your skin becomes pale as we age, select a warmer tone or blend the nest darker tone with your current foundation. This will give a warm glow. Finally, steer clear of powder foundation and choose a fluid one. Powder foundation might make your skin appear flaky.


#2 Over contouring

Contouring is one of the top trends in the fashion and makeup industry It gives the face a definite shape and gives edge to the look.Murat Evin, creative director of The London School of Makeup explains, “Contouring can certainly make your face appear younger, but going overboard can actually do quite the opposite, too.”  He further elaborates,”The art of contouring is that it enhances the structure of your face, so that it appears more defined. However, too much definition can actually highlight aging lines that are better left concealed.”


#3 Using the wrong Concealer

For any makeup product applying sparingly is the key. It prevents creasing and caking. In case of a concealer, a lightweight formulation is advised. To further prevent creasing in the eye area, concealer should only be applied to the inner half of the under eye or else too much coverage can highlight your wrinkles. Avoid this Makeup Mistakes to look young.


#4 Heavy Mascara

The under eye develops dark circles with age. Applying heavy mascara to the bottom lashes adds shadows to the under-eye area. It further accentuates the eye region- bringing attention to your wrinkles. So, if wear the mascara keep it light and clean. Avoid this Makeup Mistakes to look young.


#5 Overdoing the lower eyelid

A dark eyeliner on the bottom lid gives similar effect as the heavy mascara. It makes your eyes look tired and narrow. To look youthful, you need to appear bright and awake. Use a light colour bottom lash liner. Another tip, use a nude or white liner on your waterline to look fresh and young.


#6 Doing your eyebrows wrong

As we grow old, eyebrows thin in thickness and from the ends. To counter this effect, you might overdo your eyebrows which can result in an age-worn look which is Makeup Mistakes, unkempt look.

The process to do it right- pick a shade lighter than your natural brows and fill using quick, short strokes. Use a brush afterward to blend and soften any hard lines. The end result is fuller, younger eyebrows.


#7 Using very bright-excessive Eyeshadows

Bright colours-though fun- can look jarring and might make you look old. Colours like bright blues, purples and greens highlight features that point of a woman’s age. Even shimmer can settle into the fine lines and crackle around the eyes it is a Makeup Mistakes.

Yet, if you want to go bold with colours, dab only the outer corner of the eyes. While shimmer should be kept in the center of the lid. You could also apply your usual shadow to the top lid and then use the statement colour to trace over the shadow at the lash line. The varied matte shades like brown, maroon are also a sophisticated, safe alternative.


#8 Wrong Lip Choices

Aging makes lips thinner and lose definition. Darker shades accentuate this effect and make the lips appear narrow. Thus, wearing nude shades is highly recommended. Although, if you want fuller, bold lips you can overdraw your natural lip line and fill in.

Another problem you might encounter is lipstick bleeding. Lipstick bleeding highlights the creases around the mouth that appear with age a big Makeup Mistakes. To avoid this problem, use a primer to start off the lip look and secure the look with a lip gloss. You are good to go!


#9 Using lots of powder products

When you are younger the skin excretes oils but as you age, this reduces exponentially. Thus, wearing too many powder makeup products makes your skin look dry its a Makeup Mistakes.

The powder seeps into the fine lines and highlights the wrinkles. As a solution opt for a cream formulation instead of powder to avoid a flaky finish. You can even replace your setting powder with setting spray.


With these tips you will look much younger, reducing at least five years from your age!!







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