How To Wear Makeup With Face Mask

How To Wear Makeup With Face Mask

Makeup inside the Mask, beauty can’t hide

If you are fond of makeup, then follow the tips of applying makeup inside the mask. This will never spread your makeup inside the mask and will help you make a transfer proof makeup. All individual is mandatory to wear a mask due to the corona virus. But those girls who like to do make-up do not leave without applying it. In this circumstance makeup should be like that which never stick on the face and stay for long. The whole face makeup, particularly lipstick, spreads on your face mask. Here are some makeup tips for you, to help to understand how to do face mask makeup and how makeup can be prevented from being transferred to the face mask.

Tips to do face mask makeup

Tips to do face mask makeup

  1. Start with Face Primer

Girls often quit applying primer. But you should not do this. Apply primer before applying makeup base, as this makes your makeup flawless. It also helps your makeup to last throughout the day. By applying primer, the pores are also closed and the face looks beautiful.

  1. Establish Long-Lasting Foundation

Foundations of different types, textures and formulas are available in the market. Consequently, one should select a long eternal foundation.  Select a foundation that stays for 24 hours. At the same time, selection of foundation should be as per your skin type. If you choose accurate foundation as per your skin then you don’t have to worry about touch-ups later.

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  1. Set up makeup

Don’t forget to set it up after applying complete makeup. Set you makeup with the help of powder or spray. This technique will provide enduring and crease-free makeup look. It will also assist eliminate shine or stickiness from the face which results in natural and flawless look. 

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  1. Apply matte lipstick

To stay away from any lipstick marks on your face mask, always give a preference to apply matte lipstick on the lips. Matte lipsticks are generally not sticky and therefore it is transfer proof. After application of matte lipstick, allow it to dry for a few seconds and then wear a mask.

How to get Matte Finish Look with Any Lipstick?

How to get Matte Finish Look with Any Lipstick

If you want a matte finish look but you don’t have a matte lipstick of your favorite color at the moment, you can also get a matte finish look with your normal lipstick. Learn how easy it is to do this here

To get a satin finish lipstick and matte finish look quickly follow these points. Let’s understand how to get a matte look with any normal lipsticks…

The things you want to give matte finish to any lipstick, you will need a hue eyeshadow of the same shade, you will need tissue paper, you can also do this with the help of matifying products and oil blot papers.

Get a Matte finish like this

  • Eyeshadow of your lipstick shade will help you in giving matte finish look. First of all, you have to smooth your lips. For this, first massage your lips lightly with coconut oil or a lip balm.
  • Next wipe your lips with handkerchief and take out the extra oil. After this, put on the lip shade of your selection on the lips and apply two to three coats.
  • Now apply lipstick bean tone eyeshadow on both lips with the help of a brush on this lipstick. Apply it well and fill the complete gap of lips properly. If you desire, you can also provide finishing with matte blush. Now to diminish the additional shine, put tissue paper between the two lips and compress with the lips and then take away. You are ready with your matte lipstick.


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