8 Must-try Makeup Ideas For Hosting A Party At Home

8 Must-try Makeup Ideas For Hosting A Party At Home

Hey, You can’t keep calm because the party season is around the corner! The excitement level is at its peak, and your social calendar must be full of many parties. Sooner or Later you must be hosting a party at your home for that, and you need to look glamorous and alluring. After all, this is the time of the year you can try different Party Makeup looks and trends. If you are already ready with your outfit and hairstyles and just remained undone with glam ping makeup, you are at the right place. Well, being the host, it is your prime duty to present yourself the best, so that you be in the spotlight for a long time. So, we have come up with a bunch of alluring makeup looks to make you look party glamorous. Whether you make makeup minimalist or maxima list, you must try these Makeup Ideas for Hosting a Party at Home.

8 Party Makeup Ideas for Hosting A Party

Below mentioned makeup looks would go with every dressing you are desiring.

1. Shimmering Silver Lids

The silver lid will get perfect with the black color dress, and if your dress has a little twirl, then the look will turn out extraordinary as smokey eye makeup is one of the preferable makeup. So if you want to try something different in this smokey eye, add a pop-up of the silver lid. The silver lid will give a fresh look to your makeup.

All you need to do is pack your upper lid with silver eyeshadow up to your crease and finish your look by applying black eyeliner, and don’t forget to curl and coat mascara on your lashes. Don’t apply loud color on your lips; use nude shades and let your eyes do all the talking.

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2. Kohled Eyes

If you are a minimalist makeup type person, then this look is especially for you. A great look without much hassle. All you need is black-rimmed eyes and a pink pout. Now the question arises what is different in this look?

So, you can stand out by using less makeup also. You can smudge the liner to get a soft, kohled effect. The smudged eyeliner looks super sexy and eye-catching that you can make other girls envy your minimalist makeup look. This look creates a dewy base by using a liquid foundation, and don’t forget to contour your face. By wearing false lashes with this look with a denser look to your eyes. For finishing up this look, you can wear a light matte pink color lipstick; it will bound the whole look together.

3. Coral monochrome

How could the party season end without a bling and y dress? It is a must-have, and for the bling dress, here is the perfect makeup look you can carry. As your dress is shimmery, don’t do the same with your makeup look. Don’t go with shimmery lids and glossy lips; otherwise, you will look like a disco ball. Make your look stunning and subtle at the same time. Go for coral monochrome makeup. You’re going to love the duo of subtle makeup and bling dress.   

Apply the coral color eyeshadow, and don’t use liner in this look. Defining your brows is necessary for the face. Also, curl and apply mascara to your lashes. You should go for matte coral lip color and fill your lips appropriately with it. For the apple of your cheeks, use the same color. You can carry the look with a silver, gold, and copper color dress.

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4. Little Wing And Red Lips

One of the trendy looks of this year includes- the wing line and smudged well, wine color for your lips. If you are the one who loves wearing dark colored lipsticks, then the look is for you specially. With dark colors, you are going to slay at the party.

For achieving the look, you need to use golden color eyeshadow. Line your eyes with a black color kajal pencil. While applying kajal, don’t forget to wing it at the end a little and join it to the lower lash line. Take an angled brush and smudge these lines to give a finished look. And finally, add your dark wine color lipstick. Giving a tint of shine with highlighters to the high points of your face will go perfectly with party makeup.


5. Glossy Lid and Lip

New makeup, which is trending nowadays, is a glossy look. The look is the must-try look this party season. And yes, minimalist, this one is especially for you people. Putting a bit of gloss on your lips and lid can give a magical look to your makeup.

Wear your usual party makeup and add a hint of gloss on lips and lids for this look. The look will give a classy as well as sassy look. Adding a highlighter on the nose, cheeks, and other highest points will make you look glamorous and luminous.

6. Bright Under liner

Hosting a party at home involves many preparations and other things in the middle of that sometimes you don’t get time for yourself basically to wear that heavy glam makeup look. Then here is the solution for you. In this look, you need to set your base and then use false lashes to make them look denser; along with that, you need a colorful liner. Line your waterline with that bright liner and finish your look with red, dark lip color.

7. Galactic cat Eye

The cat-eye look is the look that makes you the coolest girl at the party. Go subtle for the rest of the face. Give a v shape to your eye shadow for the cat-eye look, and finish it with metallic nail art tape. Surely with this look, no one can ever go wrong.

8. Gold-flaked eyes

Gold-flaked eyes, this look was carried by one and only Bella Hadid. Nobody can match her beauty and her way of makeup. But we can at least copy it. Use a twinkly gold liner, start tracing your top lashes and continue to the line around the tear duct, a v shape around the tear duct. Going neutral with the rest of your face and using a dark lip color will add a different look to your entire attire.

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