How to Apply Eye Makeup for your Eye Shape

How to Apply Eye Makeup for your Eye Shape

Just like your clothes for your body types – Your eye Makeup can be flattering to your Eye shape. You may think Eye Makeup is a no brainer, but changing your technique based on your eye shape can make a whole lot of difference. You can layer up with your favorite eye shadow & eyeliner, but when you know your eye shadow, it can make your wink more vibrant.

Interesting, right? To help you ladies for your best trance, we’ve created this thorough guide –

I bet you, after reading this article you’ll know your eye shape & how to highlight it like a master.

How will you determine your eye shape

Before you start applying your eye shadow, you’ll have to figure out your eye shape. As women applying makeup to almond eye shape will be different from a woman applying round eyes.

Not sure about eye shape?
Look at the list below :- 

Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape :- 

# Almond Eyes:- Almond eye shapes are known to be super symmetrical. As the name suggests, the shape of your eye would be like almond. Almond eye shapes are the universal eye shape that pairs with just every color.

# Upturned Eyes:- These are just similar to almond eyes but just upturned. Upturned eyes are more noticeable, with that upturned angle. It makes your lower lid appear to be larger than the upper lid.

# Downturned Eyes:- These are just opposite to upturned eyes. This type of eye shape tends to have a “dangling” look at the end.

# Round Eyes:- When you look at the mirror and if you can notice the whole iris without being covered with an upper lid, then my ladies, say hello to your big, beautiful round eyes.

# Wide Set Eyes:- There’s a rule to check at what distance your both eyes are from each other. It’s called the “One eye apart rule”

If your both eyes are one eye distance apart, then you have a wide set of eyes.

# Close Set Eyes:- As above – one eye apart rule, if your eyes distance is less than that rule, then you have a close set of eyes.

Now, from the above guide, you must have got the idea about the different Eye Shapes.

It’s time for you to enhance them according to your eye shape.

# Almond Eyes:- You’re one of the luckiest women to have almond eye shape. With this type of shape, you can play around with any shades.

Any Shape and Style will look splendid on you. If you don’t know where to start, go with a classic nude smokey eye look, having medium matte shade for example brown on your lid partnered with darker shade blended into the crease.

This type of look will open your eyes & make them more noticeable.

# Upturned Eyes:- For this type of eye shape, you will have to avoid liner that strokes up , as that will overstate the upturn.

Steps to overcome this:


  • Round off and blend out the corner, it will provide you with a more comfortable look.
  • Use a dark Eyeshadow on the lower outer corner of your eye, as it will enhance your lower corner, and help balance out the shape.
  • You can use a medium Eyeshadow for your lid, and similar Eyeshadow for your lower lash line.
  • You can highlight your brow bone. Just go heavy on your highlight and keep it simple with a subtle effect.
  • Remember:- You need to shade your lower corner of your eyes with darker eyeshadow and lighter shade on top to give you a balanced look.

# Downturned Eyes:- “You hide something by creating a shadow with a matte color” You must have heard about this old makeup trick and have been using this. Will be doing the same here.

  • For this type of Eye Shape, you’ll basically create a line from your lower lash line to the point where the lid droops. And then fill it with matte shade.
  • Start with drawing a line from your lower lash line to the end of your brow.Fill in that and blend the shadow wider & higher.
  • Remember to keep your outer corner dark.
  • You can also add shimmery texture to your lids.
  • Finally, line up your eyes, smudge them with mascara and you’re good to go.

# Round Eyes:- When it comes to round eyes, you need to focus on the top lash line & on the outer corner.

Remember to keep the bottom lash line with very minimal shade. I Would suggest you go with a lighter shade than the shade you will be using for your top lid.

If you want a more tempting feel, stroke up your eyes by applying bolder Eye shadow upwards and out.

# Wider Set Eyes: – When it comes to eye shadow for this type of eye shape, you will have to start with applying a darker tone to the inner corner and across the lid. This will make your eyes look closer.

  • You should highlight your eyebrows here. Having thick & filled eyebrows will make your eyes look narrow.
  • To give the illusion of the closer eyes, take a very dark shade and line it to the inner corner of the eye and extend it to the middle.
  • Finally apply mascara.

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 # Close Set Eyes:- A very important step in this set of eye shape is to make your eyes look smokey. As it will give an illusion of balanced eyes.

  • Go for a dark eye shadow like shade of black or brown on the outer corner of your eyes to give them a wider look.
  • If you want to cover the harsh edges, use a fluffy brush to blend it nicely.
  • Contour your eyes. This will surely help you out in making your eyes look wider.
  • Finally apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

Woohoo, I did it! I guess you must have got the knowledge about different eye shapes and techniques to apply eyeshadow. Whether you have almond eyes or round eyes or any other, you can use your creativity and make your eyes feel sexy.


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