7 Key Essentials For Japanese Makeup Style

7 Key Essentials For Japanese Makeup Style

The Japanese style is all about looking glamorous and being classically chic. When it comes to makeup, all the Japanese makeup styles include basic playing up with natural features only, sometimes accenting with some colors too. Well, a professional Japanese Makeup Style is all about enhancing the inner and natural beauty of women!

If it’s your first time messing with some makeup thing, then odds are you’re about to encounter a ton of WTF moments for sure. As an amateur, the very first activity you must perform is to choose the right product, which means finding a foundation shade that truly matches your skin color and getting a concealer that holds on to your makeup till the evening. Then further, you can go for some eye makeup, lipstick, and so on.

If you are a Japanese woman who is frustrated with trying to apply makeup that seems like it wasn’t even designed for your unique skin and has given up already, keep reading this blog and Fear nothing! We’re here to tell you exactly what you need in your Japanese makeup bag as a beauty newbie.


We’ve put together some of our favorite natural Japanese makeup style essentials and classic Japanese makeup look requirement, that will perfectly glam up your Japanese look!

Top Essentials for a Japanese Makeup Style

1. The perfect foundation shade

It is never a bad choice to carry a foundation always with you, even if you don’t wear makeup every day. At least, you can save it for those special times when you wish to look “flawless”.  Japanese foundations come in a range of formulas such as Japanese liquid foundation, Japanese powder foundation, Japanese cream foundation, BB creams, Japanese cushion foundation, and more. Also, to choose from, you have a large array of best-rated foundation brands like CoverGirl, L’Oréal, and Clinique that offers a wide range of shades for both fair and dark-skinned girls, as well as for all the women with skin tone lying in between these boundary shades. However, in case if the foundation feels too heavy for you, go for a tinted moisturizer, BB, or CC creams. They are somewhat lighter options for an everyday routine.


2. Unique Japanese Eye Makeup

When considering a Japanese makeup style, it is foremost important to focus on eye makeup. The reason being, Japanese women like to make their eyes a lot bigger than usual and they love to reflect that innocent look through their eyes. Hence, to get that perfect Japanese look, initially you need to have an eye shadow kit with beiges, tans, and browns in it. Though, Japanese women focus less on eye shadow colors. Their makeup kits contain just a small palette that carries approximately four to five colors of eye shadow or blush in it. Still, you have a great choice to choose from.  With the help of this, you can attain real Japanese elegance ranging from a natural Japanese look to a glamorous smokey-eye Japanese makeup style.


3. Waterproof mascara

For Japanese makeup products, they have a lot more to serve than anyone else in the world ranging from smudge-proof to water-proof mascaras. Well, talking about mascaras, if you love to wear mascara, go for a waterproof then!  That way, you’ll be prepared for every single event be it a pool party, or a movie cry fest with your best pals. Just be careful when you’re removing it. Getting off waterproof mascara can be a tough game, indeed. For this, better to use an oil-based makeup remover so you don’t pull your lashes out.

4. A special set of Japanese makeup brushes

If you are planning to put on an ultimate Japanese makeup style, don’t just rely on the little brushes you get with your blush or eye shadow. Having the right tools is the key to perfect makeup. Whether you’re trying to nail the perfect winged eyeliner, contour your cheeks, or just get a natural glow, you’ll need this special set of Japanese makeup brushes each time you do something. For the most bang for your buck, start with this list of must-have brushes, which will allow you to experiment with makeup without spending a ton of money on a tool you’ll only use once.


5. Japanese Brown eyeliner

You might think you need a black liner, but to attain a perfect Japanese makeup style, dark brown is more worth to go for. Depending on your expertise in makeup and preferences, you can go for different options for eyeliners i.e.: powder version, pencil, or a liquid liner. Don’t forget to smudge the liner for a pretty, Japanese brown eye look.


6. Japanese lipstick makeup

While gradient lips were common in trendier neighborhoods, we didn’t see a bold red lip even once in Japan. Did you ever notice the lip makeup of Japanese girls? They all prefer baby pink, nude or beige colors to create natural Japanese style and sexy lips makeup. Isn’t it? They love to express the original color on their lips. It’s great if you are already a lip gloss girl, but you still need to keep one good lipstick in your makeup bag for special occasions. It’s also a lifesaver on days you oversleep. Just roll it on, and you’ll look instantly polished. In the case of Japanese makeup look, softer colors like translucent reds, rosy pinks, and taupe are the standard ones.


7. Concealers for Japanese makeup styles

Ever felt that your concealer disappears as soon as you put it on? Have you ever wondered why? Are you using the right formula or the right product? No! Indeed, finding a good quality concealer can be tricky. But, to cover zits, dark circles, and redness, a good concealer is most important. On days when you want to skip the foundation, you can just dot on concealer and step out wordlessly. However, Japanese women hardly use any concealer. They use a translucent powder to mattify the T-zone and a brightening powder under their eyes for a shiny effect.

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