How to Wear Lipstick With Thin Lips!

How to Wear Lipstick With Thin Lips!

My lips are embarrassingly small & thin! It’s destroying my confidence! Is there anything I can do that is safe and less expensive than using filler? How to Wear Lipstick with Thin Lips? These questions must have popped out of your head? Right?

Many women with thin lips are worried about putting on that dark & bold lipstick in particular – afraid about how it will stand out? But the truth is that Bold lipstick can look good on all lip sizes, you’ll just need to do some extra touch.

Well for all you beautiful ladies, I am sharing a step-by-step guide on how to wear lipstick on thin lips so you can put your tempting pout.

# Step – 1 It’s always a great idea to start by applying Lip Balm to your lips, whether you have thin or full lips. You don’t want to apply lipstick on dry lips! Not to mention, Dry Lips can really age you. If you have no time to let the lip balm settle, you can simply dab it with your finger. It’s always a best practice to not apply the lipstick directly onto Lip Balm as it can affect how the lipsticks stay in place.

# Step – 2 Over lining – The first trick for making thin lips appear bigger. It’s safer to use a shade quite like your natural lip color. You will need to create a defined arch with your lip liner to your cupid’s bow. Highlighting your cupid bow will make your pout conceivable.

Tip:- Feeling your lips with lip liner first will make your lipstick last longer.

# Step – 3 Choose Your Colors –

  • Yes Colors, as you will also need to use another lighter shade of lipstick which will add an illusion of fuller lips.
  • Choose any bold lipstick shade of your choice and start by applying it to the bottom of your lips first – concentrating in the middle of the lip.
  • Smudge your lips together to distribute evenly on top of your lips too and then go back and fill the gaps.
  • When applying your bold lipstick, you will need to apply it until the inner part of your lips – as it will emphasize the volume of your lips.
  • After this step, you will have to take a lipstick of lighter-toned or a more muted shade or perhaps your favorite nude lipstick. Dab it over the top of your lips, this will help to mute the brightness and depth of your bold color lipstick.

Quick Tip: To confidently wear your bold lipstick, pair it with your casual jeans and t-shirt. The contrast between Bold lipstick and Casual attire works well, living you ravishing. 

# Step – 4 Highlight

You can highlight your pout with the help of the highlighter. You can use your fingertip to pop up your highlighter on the cupid’s bow &center of your lips.

You’re almost there girl!

The last step – Glossing up your lip

When applying lipstick to thin lips, there’s a sidekick every woman should own. Lip Gloss! Glossy lips will look shiny, and it will reflect light which will automatically glance at your lips as a plumper. Home Run!

Quick Tip:- Apply Lip Gloss to the center of your lips as it will make your lips appear larger.

Key Points to Remember when applying Lipstick to thin Lips

  • Always keep in mind to rub Vaseline on your lips before you go to bed, as it helps in keeping your lips healthy.
  • To remove any dead cells or reduce the presence of rough lips, you can use a warm wet cloth to rub on your lips softly or also use a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Best Lipsticks shades to make your lips fuller – Reds, Nudes & Pinks.
  • Use Matte or Satin finish lipsticks and lipliners as they help to reduce the visual of overdrawn lips.
  • A Cream-based highlighter on Cupid’s Bow is always a great idea to create the illusion of thicker lips.
  • Try not to use metallic or Shimmery Textures as they won’t help you make your lips look naturally fuller.

Hey, now you can walk the streets confidently and let your lips do the talking, and grab the right attention!

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