How to Wear False Eyelashes 

How to Wear False Eyelashes 

It is easy to apply, but keep these things in mind

Mascara or eyeliner is not enough to give the eyes a glamorous look. False eyelashes are necessary for this, but how to Wear False Eyelashes, how should these lashes occur? Or know what is important to pay attention while applying it. Falls eyelashes have now become an important part of makeup, as the celebrity look emerges only after wearing these lashes. The dramatic change in the look is visible as soon as we wear these lashes.

Beautiful eyes magnetize everyone’s attention and the unique thing is that they play a immense position in enhancing the beauty. If you want to make your eyes beautiful, then you must wear false eyelashes. The special thing is that you can use lashes according to the occasion and it is also easy to wear. There are two types of Falls Eyelashes in the market. So let’s discuss which eyelashes is best for you and what safety measures should be taken while wearing it.

Lets understand How to Wear False Eyelashes

Determine the falls according to the volume of exposure. If you are going to office, do not use too many false falls eyelashes, instead you cut the eyelashes and put it in the middle of your original lashes. This will not overpower them. At the same time, you should always use Dance Falls Eyelashes for a wedding or photoshoot.

Glue Eyelashes or Magnetic Eyelashes

There are two types of falls eyelashes in the market. Glue ones and magnetic lashes. Glue lashes are cheap, but they are not long lasting. They are also difficult to apply. If the glue is not applied properly, they are ruffled or the lashes can be seen separately. At the same time, magnetic lashes are very easy to apply and can be used again and again. These are a bit expensive, but being convenient does not cost them. Glu is not required to apply them. It is applied simply by applying mascara on the original lashes and its magnets get a good grip. It is long lasting and they remain fixed in place until they are removed.

Method of applying  and wear false eyelashes

If you are applying magnetic falls eyelashes, then first of all, make sure that your hand is dry and the eye makeup has dried up. Do not apply magnetic lashes on wet. This can cause infection. You can apply magnetic eyelashes above or below the eyelids. If it does not look right at first, then you can correct it by holding it again from the corner. They are stretchable. To apply the glue lashes, apply glue on the false eyelashes and then stick it on your eyelids. Note this by sticking to the lashline.

Caution when removing false eyelashes

Always moisten and remove Glu Falls Eyelashes with wet cotton. Once used, do not use again. At the same time, remove the magnetic falls eyelashes with dry hands and keep them, because you can wear them again. Try to avoid washing your mouth by applying lashes. Because it increases the risk of infection in the eyes.

Take Magnetic false eyelashes for the first time

The first time you take Magnetic False Eyelashes, take a very light set so that you don’t feel heavy on the eyelids.

When not to wear false eyelashes

Do not wear false eyelashes in cases where your eyes suffer from dry eye syndrome or any infection in the eye.

Wear False eyelashes true or false

Wear false eyelashes is right and applying it makes your eyes look beautiful. You can apply it every day if you want, but it is important to have good quality false eyelashes. Magnet Falls Eyelashes are the best in this case. Just one thing always keep in mind that at bedtime, you must remove these false eyelashes. Otherwise, it can make your eyes look heavy the next day.

Caution about how to wear false eyelashes

  1. Keep eyes and hands dry while applying false eyelashes.
  2. Sleep at night by taking off the false eyelashes.
  3. Do not wear false eyelashes during eye infections.
  4. Do not wash the face with water at the time of wear false eyelashes.
  5. When wear Falls Eyelash, pay attention to its quality. If using magnetic false eyelashes, then dry it after removing it and keep it safe.


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