How to Use Nail Buffer

How to Use Nail Buffer

How to Use Nail Buffer

Make nails instantly shiny, know how to use nail buffer. To apply nail polish it is important to clean dirty nails, with a nail paint remover. But this remover or thinner often dries. In such a situation, if nails are to be beautifying immediately, then nail buffer is a great option.

Nail paint starts to look very unsightly after few days as it fades and due to this the beauty of hands also fades. Use of nail paint remover requires time so that you can apply nail polish again. But both of these works require time. While the use of nail buffer makes nails instantly beautiful and shiny.


Method of Using Nail Buffer

You can easily buy buffer of any good company from the market. It is available at every cosmetic store. The nail buffer has 4 different surfaces and is used to enhance the beauty of the nails. Today we are telling you the correct method of using nail buffer. This is used with 4 different steps. Learn about these steps here


First use filer in nail buffer

Nail filing is done first. That is, the edges of the nails are rubbed and brought into the proper shape. So that they look attractive and beautiful.

Nail buffering comes second after filing. For this, nails are rubbed upwards with a smooth and sharp surface provided in the nail buffer. It removes the roughness of nails and also removes dullness.


Caution when using nail buffer

Keep in mind that while using this, the nails should not be worn out too much. By doing this, the nails can become weak and break. All you have to do is remove the roughness of the nails and for this, using the buffer with light hands will work.


Right way to remove dirt after buffering

After using the buffer on the nails, you use a wet towel or handkerchief to remove the dirt. This will not only clean the dirt, but will also give the nails a primary moisturizer. You can also use paper towels if you want.

If you wish, you can also order glass nail buffer online. They look very cool and sexy.


This is the third and fourth step of nail buffering

After using the buffer on the nails, you have to smooth the nails with a smoothener. It is also used on the nails like a buffer by rubbing with light hands.

The fourth and last step is to enhance the shine of the nails. For this, massage the nails on the side of the given area in the buffer. This will naturally enhance the shine of your nails. All you have to do is to get beautiful nails naturally.


If you have time, do this work

After using the buffer, wash your hands and apply a good hand moisturizer. You will find that your hands are looking more beautiful than before and this is due to the increased shine of your nails.

If you have time, you can apply the nail polish of your choice after this. If you want a natural look, then use transparent or clear nail paint.

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