The Correct way to apply Blush for every face shape

The Correct way to apply Blush for every face shape

Everyone wants a pink cheek like apple and blusher is very useful for this, but if the blusher is not applied properly, It can spoil the beauty of your face. Blusher should always be applied keeping in mind the skin colour and shape.

How to Use Blush ?

Blush is an important part of a makeup kit. The makeup completes only after applying it, but not everyone knows the correct way How to Use Blush. If you want to blush your cheeks like a professional, then you must know some things. A basic fundamental of applying blusher is that it should be according to your skin colour and shape. So before applying a blusher on your face, also know what kind of blusher will give a better look on your skin. So let us tell you what are the step by step rules of applying blusher and how it should be applied.

There are three types of blushers.

  • Powder blush, which is in powder form and is perfect for oily skin.
  • The second is liquid blush. This blush comes in a tube and is slightly sticky. It can be applied on dry skin, but while applying it, attention should be paid to its blending.
  • The third blush is the cake yon cream base. It is better to apply it on combination skin. It keeps the skin hydrated.

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Blush according to face shape

Blush according to face shape

Apply blush on round face :- 

If your face is round, then apply blusher in V shape on your cheeks. For this, apply it in a V shape from the bottom of the chick bone. This will make your face appear in the oval shape. Also, lightly apply the blusher on your chin.

Apply blush on Square face :- 

Apply the blusher to the chick bone on the shape of the square face by applying it under your eyes. and Apply it slightly away from the nose. Also, give a light touch of blusher on your forehead as well.

Apply blush on Rectangular face :- 

Always take the blusher from the chick bone to the nose on such face. Give a touch of blush on the forehead as well and give a touch of this blusher under the eyes as well.

Apply blush on Triangle face :-

This type of face is considered the best for blush. Apply the blush to your ear from your chick bone. Apply it on your chin too. After this, touch it under the eyes and also on the forehead.

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What kind of blusher will be best for Indian skin tone

What kind of blusher will be best for Indian skin tone

Indian skin tone generally suits bronzes and dark maroon colours. But you can decide it according to your skin colour. When choosing the colour of the blusher, pay attention to two things. The first is the colour of your dress and the second is the colour of your skin. If you are very dark then you should avoid pink or red colour of very light shade. Use dark pink, brownish red or bronze colour instead. If your colour is clear then you can use dark pink or red colour. At the same time, if your colour is very fair, then you should use blush to match your dress. Light, dark or bronze will all work for you.

Learn the right way how does blush work 

Blush should be applied after foundation is prepared. A good blending brush should be for blush. Take a blusher on the brush and dab it on your hand before applying it on the cheeks and then apply it on the cheeks. This will keep the access blush on the hands and make blending easier on the cheeks. After applying the bluser, be sure to blend it with a brush. Always bring the blusher from ear to cheek. Applying it below the chick bone, it is towards the ear.

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Keep these things in mind while applying blusher

Keep these things in mind while applying blusher

  • Do not use the blusher too much or too deep. Blushes are only meant to highlight your cheeks. If applied too much it can spoil the makeup.
  • Always bring the blusher from ear to nose. It should be applied near the cheeks from the bottom of the chick bone. A good brush is necessary to apply and blend.
  • It is necessary to install these things with Blusher
  • Do not think that your makeup is complete by applying a blusher. Make sure to use the highlighter on the upper side near the chick bone with a blusher. If not done, your face will look flat. Highlighter helps to highlight and shape those parts of your face, so that your makeup does not overpower the face. Your makeup completes only after applying highlighter to the upper part of the chick bone, forehead, nose and chin.
  • The rules of makeup make up the makeup better. So any makeup should be chosen according to your skin color, face shape and dressing.


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