How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products

How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products

These days you can find many types of cosmetics to buy online. But many of these products are also those which are not made for your skin. Always buy products keeping your skin problems in mind. Without any thought, applying a product to your skin can cause problems for you. These days there are many types of beauty products in the market, whose branding is done so well that people buy it as soon as they come in the market. But have you ever wondered whether the one whom you will apply on your face is made for it or not. Let’s understand How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products

Before taking a skincare product, you must check your age, skin type, ingredients used in the product, etc. If these are true, then they will affect the skin or else it will increase the problems further or be baser. So, in this article today, we are telling you what things you should keep in mind while buying beauty products-

Which product to require at what age:

Generally, individuals underneath twenty-five years archaic begin having skin oily. These days, because of secretion imbalance, many of us also are troubled by disease of the skin condition inflammatory disease} problem. At an equivalent time, when thirty years, the skin starts to dry. Therefore, in keeping with their people and skin kind, everybody must recognize How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products that would be best suited to them.

PH level of recognized skin:

Our skin contains a pH of five.5. So products whose pH is a lot of or but that ought to be strictly avoided. Most soap have a pH of eleven. Between pH seven and pH eleven the soap becomes alcalescent. That is harmful to the skin.

Take special care of Ingredients:

According to the specialist; it’s necessary to use cream throughout the year. Even that cream ought to be used, it ought to be elect. These days, lightening and lightning agent’s square measure currently returning in cream. These agents peel off your skin, as they contain chemicals that square measure harmful to the skin. To understand How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products and take cream that has anti-aging properties beside the most ingredient vitamin-C.

Let’s understand the How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products

A recent study by a dermatologist skincare specialist has revealed that 88% of women do not know which product is right for their skin. They buy any cream and start using it. You bought a new cream in the market and you bought it, only because after reading the things written in it, you felt that it is also right for your skin. If you have been doing this, then it is wrong because that cream can be the place to enhance the beauty of your skin to harm your skin. A recent study has shown that 88 percent of women do not know which cream is right for their skin. Many people do not even know which BB cream or CC cream is good.

 How does BB Cream work?

BB cream is called beauty balm or blemish balm. It does the job of hiding the spots of the face quite well. Beauty expert Nikita says that BB cream benefits the skin in many ways. It not only makes your skin soft but also keeps your skin safe from the sun while keeping the skin moisturizer and shine intact. BB cream has both the benefits of moisturizer and foundation. When you apply make-up by applying it, then there is shine on the face, while this makeup also stays on the face for a long time. She says that this cream works together as a primer, moisturizer, foundation, skin treatment, concealer, and sunscreen. BB cream consists of silicon and silica, which keeps your skin soft and spot free. If you want your cream to last longer, apply setting powder. Yes, if you have a lot of pimples or oily skin, do not use BB cream.

According to the study, BB cream acts as anti-aging vitamin C, E, A, and peptides. It contains multiple nutrients, which benefits your skin in many ways.

Benefits of CC Cream

CC cream is called the light version of BB cream. Butition Tusha says that CC means color correction. CC Cream Fair your complexion. CC cream has all the qualities of a BB cream. The great feature of CC cream is that it is a color character. It enhances your skin tone. CC cream works to make the facial complexion uniform by removing this problem of your face. This cream also hides the redness of the face. This means that if you use concealer daily, then CC cream is a good option for you.

Do not apply CC cream if you have pimples

If you have a lot of acne on your face, then CC cream is best for you. According to the study, if there are dry, red or dark spots on the face, then CC cream is very beneficial for you. You can use only one of the CC or BB creams. Do not do this at all, apply BB cream first and then CC cream. If you have very dry skin, then apply a moisturizer before applying this cream.

CC & BB Cream Difference

While CC cream gives your skin semi matte and shining, BB cream gives you matte, moisturize and shine. The texture of CC cream is lighter than that of BB cream. BB cream serves as a good base and enhances your daily look. CC cream is for those who have redness or uneven complexion in their skin. Both the BB and CC creams blend well with your skin and give your face a uniform, supple and radiant complexion. Just, you have to decide when to choose which cream according to your need.

Keep correct information about sunscreen too

There are two types of sunscreen. The first is physical sunscreen. It has a maximum SPF of 20, with very little chemical. At the same time, chemical sunscreen has more than 20 SPF and contains a very high amount of chemical. Keep in mind that the higher the SPF, the more chemical. According to doctors, UV rays are not very dangerous level in India, so the use of physical sunscreen is enough here. 25 to 30 SPF is enough for most women. Actually, in India, we need UVA protection. A boot star rating should be seen to see if UVA protection exists. Maximum boot star rating is five and this rating is present in medicated sunscreen.


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