How to apply matte lipstick as an expert

How to apply matte lipstick as an expert

Matte: Oh, so velvety and highly pigmented all the way! But girl, does it leave your lips dry and cakey? Does it highlight the dry patches of your lips? Sometimes, it’s hard to get it off. Then yes, I can feel you. To every woman out there, lipsticks are the best cosmetic that exists! Ah, a lipstick. It has the power to dress up your face so wonderfully and draw attention to your sparkling smile! There is no denying how “obsessed” women are with matte lipsticks.

But you should understand How to Apply Matte Lipstick?

Red, pink, and all the beautiful shades come with their set of challenges. Each one of us loves the texture that matte lipsticks have. But, jumping into reality, we also know that if not done right, this matte can turn into an eyesore. Not sure how to just get it right? Follow these simple tips to apply matte lipsticks like a pro. I assure you will be a pro in a short period if you follow these steps correctly.

Let’s look at some pros of cons of using a matte lipstick.


The top reasons why every woman loves a matte finish look.

#1 It is easier to wear

#2 It catches attention fast

#3 The colors give a bold look

#4 It is trendy

#5 It looks super glamorous

#6 It’s sophisticated

#7 Unlike the glossy ones, it’s not sticky

Below are some common problems that we face while applying matte lipsticks

#1 Lips become dry

#2 It does not last long

#3 It’s hard to take off

secrets of applying matte lipstick?

Ready to conquer the secrets of applying matte lipstick? Keep reading our guide for tips


1. Always begin with Exfoliating your lips

Oh no! You were excited to try out your new shades. But what about those visible dry patches? I have a solution to this. Removing the dry, dead skin from your lips is very important. Why? Because matte makes your lip look flakier and more dried. Exfoliating your lips will prevent dehydration and leave your lips soft and smooth.

Try out these natural lip scrubs rather than investing in expensive chemicals.

2. Honey and Sugar lip scrub

How to apply?

  1. Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar and apply to your lips
  2. Gently massage your lips with the mixture and leave it for 5-10 minutes or so
  3. Wash it off with water

Sugar is a great exfoliating agent. Along with honey, it becomes an amazing moisturizing scrub for your lips.

3. Lip balm and toothbrush scrub

How to apply?

  1. Apply a thick layer of lip balm to your lips
  2. Gently brush your lips in a circular motion

4. Add moisture to your lip

Once you are done with exfoliating your lips, moisturize and hydrate your lips with a lip balm. This step makes your lips look smooth and even. Use any lightweight lip balm to fill in your cracks.

5. Finish your face makeup before applying matte

If you apply matte just after hydrating your lips, it will make your lips look creamier and more different from the actual results. It’s advisable to complete your face makeup first and then start applying your matte lipstick.


6. Pick an eye-popping hue

Mattes are meant to stand out and grab attention. So, choose shades that perfectly match your skin complexion. Let your inner confidence shine out with the right shade of your lipstick.

7. Use a liner to shape your lip

A liner increases the longevity of your matte lipsticks. Line your lips with a shade that matches your lipstick. Fill your lips entirely, and then apply your matte lipsticks. Otherwise, it might result in forming a lip ring around your lips. Using a lip liner will prevent the lip colors from feathering outside the lines. You can use a lip primer, but that is totally optional.

8. Use a lip brush for ultra-precision

If you have smaller/thinner lips, or you want ultra-precision, you can use a lip brush. If you are using a liquid formula you must apply it with a lip brush.

9. Cover your smudges with a concealer

Use a concealer for a crisp finish. Rubbing your lips together can spread out the lipstick and it can likely go out of bounds. But don’t worry using a concealer will make your color pop out. Cover your smudges and tap gently on them.


10. Blot the excess off with a tissue

For a truly matte finish look, blot off the excess amount of oil and shine with the help of a tissue paper. This will make your lipstick stay for a longer time in place.

11. Clean up your mistakes

Even though you made a goof, don’t be afraid to clean up your mistakes as now you understand How to Apply Matte Lipstick. Use micellar water to remove the extra color from your lips.

Some key points that must consider before applying matte lipstick.

  • Don’t skip lip balms, it will dehydrate your lips
  • Try using a lip primer
  • You might feel to re-apply because of its pigments but do-not apply multiple layers. It will make your lipstick uneven.
  • Match your liners
  • Try going for the lines
  • Don’t be afraid to clean up your mistakes
  • Use petroleum jelly if you find it hard to remove your lipstick

Now you’re good to go!.

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