How to Apply Foundation on face correctly

How to Apply Foundation on face correctly

The foundation makes the face smooth and shiny, but if applied properly it gives a cakey and patchy look. So along with choosing the foundation, you must know the right way to apply it. Liquid foundation is suitable for all skin types. So let us show you the right way how to Apply Foundation on face. Foundation on the face is considered right only when it is not visible after applying it. If the foundation is visible on the face, then understand that the foundation has not been applied on the face correctly or that your foundation is not matching your skin tone.

Makeup is an art and should never be done in haste. The foundation is the base of the face and many other products are applied on this base makeup. In such a situation, if the base is not right, then all the makeup on it will look ugly. If you want a professional look, then along with the method of setting up a liquid foundation, you also need to know how to Apply Foundation on face and what is important to keep in mind before and after the foundation.

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How to Apply Liquid Foundation on face to get beautiful look – Follow these steps


1. First of all, moisturize the skin:

First of all, moisturize the skin

Wash and moisturize the face before applying foundation. If you have oily skin, use an oil free moisturizer. Moisturizing is essential for every skin and is the most important step.

2. Never ignore primer:

Never ignore primer

After moisturizing, the skin is ready for makeup. Now before applying foundation, the second most important thing is to apply primer on the skin. Take equal amount of primer peas and apply it well on face and neck. The primer prepares the skin for foundation, and applying it, the foundation is easily applied to the uniform skin. In a way, the primer is like a track on which the foundation rail runs. If the primer is not applied, then there will be a risk of the foundation’s balance deteriorating. It will take much less or more.

3. Use of skin character:

Use of skin character

After the primer, it is the turn of the skin character. If there are spots on your skin or if the skin color is darker or lighter, then it should be applied. If there is a stain on the skin, then you should apply green color character and if there is darkness on the skin then apply pink color character. Apply it on the affected skin and pat it on the affected skin. Remember do not rub it.

4. Now put foundation like this:

Now put foundation like this

After the character, it comes to the foundation. Take the liquid foundation in your hand first and then dot-dot it and apply it on the entire face. Now spread the foundation all over the skin with a brush. Now wet a beauty blender lightly and squeeze it well and pat it on the skin. Remember not to rub or spread it. This will remove the foundation. Blend it all over the face just by patting it. This will blend the foundation well into the skin.

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5. Brush or beauty blender for blends:

Brush or beauty blender for blends

If you are using a liquid foundation, then you should take the help of a brush to spread it on the skin, but always use a beauty blender to blend it. Blanding it with a brush will leave marks on the skin.

6. Use highlighter after foundation:

Use highlighter after foundation

Now after the foundation was established, the base was formed but the base was not completed. To complete the base, you will need to apply a tone light foundation from your skin tone to your eye circle, around the mouth and the area where the dot is placed. This can reduce the darkness of the area around the eyes and mouth and highlight it. Apply this as well as blend as if you have done the foundation. Now make banana powder or face powder by applying it.

Mistakes that occur while Applying Foundation

  • Do not moisturize the skin before applying foundation.
  • Apply foundation directly on the skin without applying primer.
  • Too much blending of the foundation or not.
  • Blending the foundation with rubbing.
  • Blend the foundation from top to bottom. Always blend it down.
  • Do not set it by applying banana powder after applying foundation.
  • How To apply foundation on face- it should be blended with great patience, because then its beauty only enhances.


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