Eighteen Flattering Lipstick Colors to try out this Winter!

Eighteen Flattering Lipstick Colors to try out this Winter!

The season of cozy outfits, endless holidays, hot meals, and campfires is right here. Don’t you love this season of the year? Along with the season change, it’s time to modify our winter fashion. Well, who doesn’t enjoy wearing cozy woollies? Apart from dressing in winter clothes, it’s also the best season to wear your makeup and Flattering Lipstick Colors without the fear of makeup melts when you used to step outside.

There is no denying the fact that every woman loves lipsticks. But, as it’s wintertime, we need to care a little more about our skin. The only sad part about this season is it makes your lips look more dried and flakier. So, pay attention and keep your lips hydrated.

Lipsticks are fun to wear in this cold weather, and there is another excuse to try out the new shades. So, revive your makeup routine this winter and get ready to rock this winter with the must-have lipstick shades. Fill up your makeup bags with these flattering lipstick colors. Go ahead and treat yourself to one of these shades and start wearing it. What are you waiting for? It’s time for the New Year, New Lipstick!

Here we mention Eighteen Flattering Lipstick Colors


  • Dark and Bold lip colors

Fortunately, it’s the perfect time to wear dark lip shades. These flattering lipstick colors are tragically not suitable for the whole year. But, this winter, it can be one of our go-to’s.

  • Orange-red shade

This shade can be the best for warm skin tones. It is a must-have for your makeup collection. Grab this beautiful shade before the trend gets over.

  • Mauve Lipstick

A mauve lipstick shade that somewhere lies between a pink and purple hue, looks best when applied. It is like a rosy shade, almost neutral, these flattering lipstick colors look great on every skin tone. This lip shade is a must-have for almost every season and every outfit.

  • Red lip colors

A stunning lip color that every woman loves to have in her makeup bag. Whether it is classic red, matte red, or glossy, Red is the shade that none of us could get enough of. Red lip shades are a perfect match for neutral shaded outfits. A black dress and a red lip shade are the best combos that exist!


  • Matte Lipsticks

There is no lipstick like the matte ones. It best complements the winter outfits and makes you stand out. Choose your matte lipstick from these flattering lipstick colors for this winter, if you haven’t bought one.

  • Fuchsia lipsticks

Brighten up your dull winter days with this bright shade of lipstick. This color is the right shade for this winter season. Pair it with a glossy finish to complete the look.


  • Taupe lipstick

Neutral hues lipsticks always come in handy. Neutral shades are the best combo with a bold eye makeup look.

  • Nude lipsticks

Nude shades work best for effortless makeup. It is for the times when you want to wear minimal makeup and look natural. While not all nude shades look good on every skin tone, you must find your perfect match. This shade gives a perfect balance of warm and cold undertones.

  • Goth lipsticks

This Christmas, stand out by wearing dark, goth-inspired lip color. Each color choice tells the world who you are or how you are feeling in just a glance. But not everyone is willing to rock a true red or a my-lips-but-better nude. But just because you rock that goth aesthetic does not mean you have to wear the color of pitch night.


  • Magenta lipstick

This lip shade is a gorgeous pop of color for this cold weather season. Put on soft makeup to make your magenta shade shine on your lips.

  • Brown / chocolate-colored lip shade

This color has been in trend lately. Just like the nudes, this shade looks great on every skin tone and grabs attention. It can transition from daytime to nighttime.

  • Pinky orange lip shade

It is a great way to give your pout a break from the traditional red and pink hues. Orange is the non-neutral shade for this season. This shade is flattering in every possible way. Grab this beautiful color this winter.

  • Lilac lip shade

For all those who don’t want darker, bolder looking lips, a lilac shade is a pretty shade. Although this pretty purple shade is on the pastel side, it looks great when worn during winters.

  • The deep berry lip shade

When you have all the neutral lip shades in your makeup stash. I believe a deep berry lip shade is worth having. This rich shade matches the cool aesthetic that we all probably love to wear. For cooler undertones, it is the time for a burst of berry. Glide this berry shade for a puckering pout.

  •  Glossy lipsticks

Along with having matte lip shades, glossy lipsticks are for women who seek lush and plump lips. Just like those dark wintery shades of berries and browns, glossy lipsticks also look great. Pick a dark winter-friendly shade.

  • Satin lipsticks

These lipsticks are a balmy sort of finish. It adds a hint of color to your lips. It is just like those tinted lip balms that give a texture.

  • Coral lip shades

You probably have various lipstick shades in your makeup bag. But do you have those deep coral shades? This orangey reddish-pink hue is stunning—and the good news is, this lip color looks gorgeous on anyone of us!

  • Hot clay lip shades

It is a mixture of orange, red, and nude making an earthy hue. It’s unbelievably charming and complements almost all skin tones. This trend is worth trying.

As we all know, the cold season makes our lips dull and dehydrated. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm. Avoid chemical made lipsticks and opt for the natural ones so that it won’t damage your lips. From matte to goth-inspired colors, the list of lip shades goes on and on. So which color are you going to try on this Winter? Let us know in the comments.


Share your favorite lip shades to rock these cozy winter days. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips.

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