Glamorous Look for Different Festival Makeup Ideas

Glamorous Look for Different Festival Makeup Ideas

All the festival requires lots of preparation and in the same concern one of the most important is the Festival Makeup Ideas. So when festivals are just around the corner and soon celebrations will begin in full swing and you wish to look gorgeous just follow this post.

Makeup Looks on Different Festivals

1. Diwali

The occasion of Diwali is not just to put on lights, eat sweets but also to decorate. In such a situation, we are telling you five easy festival makeup Ideas that you can get the perfect Diwali look.

The Diwali bus is about to arrive and in the wake of Diwali, preparations for the parties are also being made loudly. If you have not yet decided what you will wear or what makeup you will wear this time at your home or at a friends house, Diwali party, then you are definitely missing something very big. Yes, the occasion of Diwali is not just to put on lights, eat sweets but also to decorate. In this way, we are telling you five easy simple festival makeup looks Ideas.

What should be the base of makeup?

Base of the makeup should be correct. After thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing the face, choose the right foundation according to your skin tone and apply it on the face. After the foundation, with the help of a concealer, work on the dark spots of the face such as dark circles under the eyes and blemishes. Apply a little loose powder after the concealer for the best finish. Lastly, use a highlighter on the tip of the nose, on the cheekbones and on the chin to show glow on the face.

  • Pay attention to lips

First festival makeup Ideas is before applying lipstick on the lips, use lip balm to get rid of the problem of dryness or cracked lips. If the color of your outfit is pastel then you should keep the shade of your lipstick bold. Such as ruddy red or orange. But if the color of your outfit is bright, then the shade of your lipstick should be light like – light pink or nude color.

  • Easy festival eye makeup

Do we need to tell you that the trend of Smokey Eye is not over yet. For a bright festival makeup Ideas, if you wish, you can use winged eyeliner. Use a light mascara to complete your look.

  • Blush to glow

Combination of glowing face and blushing chicks always looks great and what better chance than Diwali to adopt this look. For this, use a little shimmering blush and you can get pink cheeks by applying it on your cheeks.

  • Hair style

If you are going to stay away from firecrackers this Diwali, then you can leave the hair open by applying a good hair spray on the hair because the look of women in open hair looks even better. But if you are planning to burn fireworks on Diwali night then you should tie your hair and for this you can try twisted side bread.

2. Karva Chauth

Festival makeup Ideas for the very special day of Karva Chauth, if you do not want your husband to lose sight of you, do not forget to take makeup tips from Bollywood actress.

Karva Chauth has a different crease for the newly married brides. On this occasion, ladies do not want to leave a single opportunity to look beautiful in front of their husband. As if they have been waiting for this special day for years. While one has to keep waterless fast throughout the day, on the same day, in the name of making sixteen adornments for worship, their mind blossoms.

Many women want to make their festival makeup Ideas to look perfect by adopting makeup and style like a Bollywood actress on this special festival. In such a situation, the few names that come are Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai and Priankya Chopra. All these actresses have perfect skin tone, pink lips, dark shiny hair and beautiful eyes reflect their natural beauty. The actress’s amazing style and style of make-up adds to her look. If you want too, by adopting these festival makeup Ideas of these actresses on this Karva Chauth, you can enhance your over all look. Have a look on these festival makeup Ideas .

Winged eyeliner looks quite beautiful. If you want, you can also try it on your eyes on this Karva Chauth. This makes the eyes appear big and shape. If you do not know how to apply winged eyeliner, you can also use a tape. You can take the help of cello tape for a winged eyeliner.

Eyebrows choose according to the shape of the eyes

When it comes to the beauty of the eyes, never follows a trend without thinking. Priyanka always prefers to keep her eyebrows in a lift shape which give awesome look. Therefore, you should also shape your eye brow according to your face.

Apply red bold lipstick

Western or Indian, Aishwarya Rai prefers to wear mostly bold red lipstick with every outfit. If your skin tone is fair, you can also style different shades of red like ash. Festival makeup Ideas for red lipstick looks perfect on every occasion.

Sarees are going to be worn on the day of Karwa Chauth, so try these 5 types of yoke in the look of the moon

Simple keeps hair style

Anushka Sharma hair is mostly straight or blow-dry. Sometimes they are also seen with soft curls. If you want too, by adopting this festival makeup Ideas and simple hairstyle, you can add beauty to your look.

All-over glow instead of highlighting

Highlighter is an important part of festival makeup Ideas, through which we can make chicbones, nose and bros into bright and shiny. But all these actresses do not follow this trend at all. They prefers over all glow instead of highlighter on face. In this way, not only some part of the face but the entire face starts glowing when the camera light falls.

3. Ganesh Chaturthi

It is also a tradition to decorate oneself with worship on festivals. If you want to give yourself a different look on Ganesh Chaturthi, then definitely take festivals makeup Ideas from the makeovers of Bollywood actresses, because their festival makeup Ideas and look makes the festival a complete one.

Ganesh Chaturthi is not just a religious event, but it is a celebration that is like a family and social event. If there is any celebration at home, if the women look well-dressed then the enthusiasm doubles and Bollywood celebrities consider this thing very well. This is the reason that for them, the way to decorate themselves on every festival also inspires others. So on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, why not mention some of the festival makeup ideas of these B-town celebs who will also create a makeover idea for you in the festive season.

Festival makeup Ideas of these B-town celebs will inspire you

You will find Madhuri Dixit’s makeup on Ganeshotsav the closest to this festival. Their traditional Maharashtrian look makes the festival complete by these festival makeup Ideas. The special thing about the actress’s makeup is that she always likes matte look on festivals. She also keeps her lip color light with a maturing base and matte blush. If you talk about eyeshadow shades, then their color matches their sari. With two shades, she blends her eyeshadow with no color overpower. You can try the matte look of the actress every season, because it gives a fresh festive makeup ideas and look.

Whatever be the festival, you will always find Sonam Kapoor Ahuja in traditional attire and her makeup is also highly highlighted. She gives her lips mostly dark shiny color. Their eyeshadows are also very bright. However, her dress is light, so using this festivals makeup Ideas like contrast makeup gives a very fresh look. If you are young then you must try this makeup of Sonam.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan also decorates herself well on festivals. With traditional costumes, she highlights her eyes more. Especially the kohl look dark eyeliner with brown eyeshadow ton and kajal make their eyes look very beautiful. At the same time, she always gives light color to her lips. You must try this Best festival makeup Ideas. The special thing is that this makeup gives a dramatic look to women of all ages.

2. Alia Bhatt

If you like Shimmer and Glitter in makeup, then you must definitely look at Alia Bhatt’s festival glitter makeup ideas and look. She uses both these things in her makeup. In Aaliya’s makeup, you will definitely see liquid glitter eyeshadow with matte eyeshadow with base makeup. They highlight their eyes with mascara. Kajal always puts it on the lower jash line. Color the lip with a pink shade. If you do not like too much makeup then definitely try Alia’s festival makeup Ideas and look.

3. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa highlights her lips more. She carries false shadow over her eyes with dark shade lip color. She uses Kajal and Eyeliner with light eyeshadow on her eyes. Blusher remains her shimmer, as she also dresses only a few shimmer. If you too are wearing Shimri dress then you should try festival makeup Ideas of Shilpa.

4. Kajol

Kajol highlights her eyes the most. The kohel liner on his top and bottom lash line complements his look. While she always gives a neutral color lip shade to her lips. Her highlighter look with a bronzer color is very special and this look is a complete festive look. You can carry this festival makeup Ideas and look with a saree, suit or evening gown.

You can also mix and match this festive look of Bollywood celebs with your skin and dressing. One thing to keep in mind with festival makeup ideas is to highlight only one of the eyes or lips.


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