How to Make your Eyes Look more Awake with Makeup

How to Make your Eyes Look more Awake with Makeup

Working late, Finishing household chores, night up with the kids, tired Monday morning!!! Right??? Waking yourself out of your bed is tough and looking de-puffed is even harder. Waking up exhausted is the last thing you want. You want to look Fresh and Vibrant! Don’t worry. I am sharing with you, top Eye Makeup to Look Awake tips to make your super shining face.

# Start with Cold Water splashing onto your face!

 When you wake in the morning your face looks more puffed and tired. During sleep, our face actually expands up the pores to make you look exhausted when you get up. Splashing hot water will make your skin dehydrate. So instead you need to splash cold water. Coldwater works as an anti-aging cream. It will help close your pores and soothe your face, making your face look Fresh.

It is one of the handy and easy DIY to make you look less tired.


# Eye Cream

After washing your face with cold water it’s time for you to apply some Eye Makeup to Look Awake. Start with Eye Cream. Eye Cream will help you to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. Apply it to your orbital bone in a circular motion.

# Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer is perfect to help you moisturize your skin – giving it just a little coverage to tired skin.

Tip:- If your habit is to apply foundation, then this is for you. Applying only the foundation will make your skin look less fresh. So, for that extra coverage, you can take a few drops of your favorite foundation to this mix of moisturizer and apply it to your face to make your Skin Glow!

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# Highlighter

Highlighter will give your skin extra lift and glow. Start with taking your little of your favorite highlighter and rub it between your ring fingers & dab along the top of your cheekbone or into the nose and a bit on the forehead.

# Concealer

When you don’t have enough sleep, black circles and tired eyes will make you look exhausted. So, what can you do best to hide those black circles?

A girl’s best mate when it comes to this problem. Apply concealer to your undereye bags & bridge of the nose & t-zone. Conceal our black circles with the help of your favorite concealer.Go for lighter shade when it comes to concealer. A shade lighter than skin will help make you fresh and make you fake that extra hour of sleep.

Tip:- Let your concealer dry for 30 seconds, it will allow your concealer to stick to your skin.

For Backup, if you want more coverage, you go ahead with a heavy-duty concealer just like Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer which will give you that sensual skin enhancer.

Apply it with the help of a concealer brush on the areas where you want more coverage.

Remember this – Don’t get too hype with concealers as it can get a lump and make you look more tired.


# Lift Your Brows –

Having a good brow can really define your face shape perfectly.

Start with a brow pencil to outline your brow shape. If you are a beginner start with outline your brows and then filling in it.

You will love this – You can create hair-like strokes in the inner corners of the brows to make them look bushier and upright.

# Eye Shadow –

 If you are not a fan of shimmery eyeshadow, then you need to read this give it a try. Shimmery eyeshadow will brighten up your eyes and I assure you, you won’t’ look like a disco ball.

For your Eye shadow, you can opt for a goldy-pink or champagne color. Focus on brightening shades on the inner corner, it will make your Eye Makeup to Look Awake, appear wider, and more awake.

Tip:- Apply Eye Shadow with your ring finger to blend it nicely and evenly.

# It’s Time for you to curl your lashes

Curling your lashes is a great way to lift up your face in the morning. Curl up your lash with the help of lash curlers to maximize the lift.After that, You can use a darker mascara to add that extra volume to your lashes. This will help your lashes upturned and your eyes will look wider and awake.

Tip:- If you don’t have long eyelashes you can go for an artificial one.

# Add Blush to your Cheeks

Shimmery Blush is your soulmate here! Making your skin glow with shimmer blush & highlight it, is the key to fake your fresh skin. Here you will have to avoid bold shades, it can make

you look tired. Just a little blush of Light and Shimmery shades can make your skin lively and Fresh.

Tip:- You can apply highlighting powder to the tops of your cheekbones – to enhance your skin’s appearance.

# Draw the Attention to your LIPS!

The best way to distract someone from your whole face is to apply lipstick to your lips. But how will you get someone’s attention to your lips? Simple. Bold & Bright Lip Shades.

Bold & Bright Lip Shades will make your smile shine and distract folks to notice your overall look.

If you think Bright shade will look overdone, you can go for lip gloss. The finished look will give an illusion of Fresh Face, Well – Awakened!


Wear Your Smile

A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear. An honest tip for a beautiful morning is a smile. A Natural smile will trick your brain and lift your look and help your face look less tightened.

Try out these tips & tricks to appear energetic & ravishing. Wake up, splash your face with cold water, conceal your dark circles, lift your lashes, highlight, and add some light colors to your cheeks and lips to give a perfect and finished look.

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