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Best Makeup Tips for Outdoor Photoshoot

Beauty Makeup June 15, 2022 Comments

A well-done makeup for a photo shoot is not as easy as it sounds. Celebs and models go through a lot of work in order to give off that natural look. But you can do the same with our best makeup tips for photoshoots. Outdoor Photoshoot Makeup Tips Makeup Tips for Photoshoot : We’ve written down some of the best tips…

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How to Get Collagen Back in Your Face

Beauty April 23, 2022 Comments

Collagen is a type of protein that is found in the skin of the human body. It helps to give it its elasticity and strength. Collagen also forms a substantial part of cartilage which gives our joints their flexibility and strength. The benefits of collagen are many: It helps to maintain healthy bones, teeth, and nails; it maintains healthy hair;…

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7 Best Lipsticks for Thin Lips

Beauty April 12, 2022 Comments

Many factors contribute to a woman’s body shape. One main aspect is thin lips. Thin lips can be a problem as it looks dry and when it comes to wearing lipstick. The best lipsticks for thin lips are ones that feel creamy and moisturizing on the lips with rich pigment. Many lipsticks claim to be “the perfect color for thin…

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How to Stop Nails Peeling?

Beauty March 29, 2022 Comments

Nails are a very tiny part of the body but an equally very important part as it comes into notice very quickly. They may seem small but they do a lot of work. And our hands depend on them to look and feel good. But as time goes by, nails can start to peel, tear or crack and become weak…

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