Makeup for Oily Skin

Makeup for Oily Skin

Nailing a perfect Makeup routine for oily skin can be as complex as removing watermelon seeds. Indeed, Oily skin is something that many of us struggle with all year long but unfortunately, it usually gets worse in Summers. Alas, adding on to the present trauma, there is a bounty of mattifying, cleansing and purifying labels, all promising to clear up your complexion, where do you begin?

Voila! You can start by reading this blog at least.

We have taken an initiative to create a useful guide for women searching for a proper guide to makeup for humid weather and oily skin.

Before we go ahead with detailing any pro makeup steps for oily skin, the very first thing that we would like to mention is to stop thinking about heavy make-up and try to avoid it as much as possible. The underlying motive behind suggesting this is because it will completely look unnatural and it will further block all the pores. Hence, a light tinted moisturizer with an SPF, lip balm, and clear mascara is enough to show off the natural beauty and keeps the skin happy at the same time. However, when it comes to makeup, dealing with oily skin can be an absolute pain. Using makeup products for oily skin can make oily skin problems even worse, which can be upsetting, so we have a lot more simple makeup tips for oily skin in summer to discuss in detail, as it matters the most.


How To Tackle Make Up For Oily Skin

It’s not easy to come up with a plan to combat oily skin, especially if this is an issue you’ve been dealing with your whole life. Many of you might have given up already or some of you still be having a ray of hope inside to get over this problem. Well, oily skin is just a situation that can be changed naturally.

Yes, it’s imperative to select the correct skincare, powder, and minimal makeup for oily skin types. But fear not, you don’t have to give up on your precious cosmetics and beauty products for this. We are here to help you with professional advice on how to make the right choices for your skin type, so you can look your best all day long.

5 Pro Tips To Apply Makeup On Oily Skin

Smudged liner, patchy foundation, and a super shiny face—getting your makeup to stay put all day is a tough task when you have seriously oily skin. You can blame the humidity; your makeup brands and what else not, but deep down you know it’s your skin type, which is the real culprit.

But don’t worry, by following our below-mentioned proper prep and some smart makeup tips, you can make sure your makeup is as picture-perfect throughout the day as it was when you left home. Take a look at these professional makeup tips for oily skin at home, which eventually every girl with oily skin should know to look flawless the whole day long.

1. Don’t skip the primer

Bang on Girls, primer is mandatory! A primer coating makes your makeup last long and restrains it from melting right off your face. Also, it will help if you have large pores to fill in. After moisturizing the skin, apply some primer initially on your face, and then go for any base makeup. Don’t forget to dab some primer on your lids as well to protect your eyeshadow from transferring and keep your eye makeup intact. When selecting a primer for oily skin, go for a mattifying, oil-free product exclusively in a powder form or liquid to powder form.


2. Pick a lightweight foundation

You have to be cautious before picking the right makeup products for oily skin as incorrect products selected can do a lot more harm than you can ever imagine.It’s always a good choice to pick a lightweight matte foundation specifically meant for oily skin. Of course, for oily skin, you can have a decent choice to pick between a powder (which should be applied with a damp sponge) and a mattifying liquid foundation. Heavy textures don’t sit well and you don’t want your foundation to disappear by lunchtime. So, go for a matte finish and lightweight formula, always.


3. Dodge the glow-boosting products

Essentially, you need to keep your skin type in mind when picking the rest of your makeup products too for everyday makeup for oily skin. Many foundations, primers, and other base makeup products come with a built-in sheen to add radiance to your look but wait, you don’t need it. Oily skin has a natural glow, and this glow stays on for the entire day along with a simultaneous enhancement. So, it’s better to steer clear from these products and invest in matte colors to define the face instead. This can be done using a mattifying primer and foundation. Here, you can also add a mattifying blush to your cheeks(no shimmer), which will produce an instant radiant glow while fighting off the excess oil from your face.

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4. Less is more

Better avoid multiple products if you love your skin! Just stick to one makeup mantra while dealing with oily skin—“less is more”. Using a lesser amount of products on the face just to get a thin layer on, saves it from looking messy and streaky. Blend your product well with a damp sponge to get a natural finish and that keeps your skin oil-free.

5. Set your makeup with a powder

Most people use a setting spray after makeup, but, in a guide to makeup for oily skin step by step, we suggest applying that setting spray before the base. This helps the foundation sit in place much longer. Once you’re done, buff some finishing powder using a fluffy brush to touch-up your nose, forehead, and the central parts of your cheeks to set the makeup and give it a mattifying look. It will help keep your base makeup from creasing, melting, or becoming greasy.

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