Benefits of Eating Almonds

Benefits of Eating Almonds

Benefits of Eating Almonds


To get youthful and glowing skin, you can stop the effect of your aging by eating a limited amount of almonds every day. Till now you must have read and heard about applying almond powder and scrub on the face to enhance beauty. But you will be surprised to know the things we are going to tell you today, Benefits of Eating Almonds.

Almonds can work like magic for you to get wrinkle free, glowing and youthful skin. It is not that almonds will show this effect on your skin only at the age of 30 or 35, but even at the age of 50, you can make your facial wrinkles disappear by consuming almonds properly.

Yes, you have to eat almonds every day continuously for only 6 months and you yourself will be surprised to see the result. We are telling you how to eat and in what quantity and Benefits of Eating Almonds.


Benefits of Eating Almonds:

1. Solid way to get rid of old age

A research conducted in California has revealed that if women consume almonds regularly for 6 months, then even after menopause, their skin can be made young and fresh.

This research has been done by the University of California, in which 49 women who had gone through menopause were divided into different groups and studied them.


2. Right Quantity of Almonds to Eat

Research has claimed that if you eat 60 grams of almonds every day, then within 16 weeks, 15 percent of your skin wrinkles will disappear and within 24 weeks, 16 to 20 percent of your skin wrinkles disappears and your skin will be completely flawless. There will be a transformation, because skin is now wrinkled free and tight.

Usually 60 grams of almonds i.e. 35 to 40 almonds. These numbers may seem like a lot to you and you will be surprised how you can be advised to eat so many almonds!

But research has been done on this basis. Well, it is summer season in your country and you can start this season with 20 almonds. Take them twice a day in the number of 10-10 and take according to the method given below. There won’t be any problem.


3. Right Way to Eat Almonds

To get the right amount of full nutrition of almonds, you should keep them soaked in water at night. If you are going to use almonds in the afternoon snack, then soak almonds in water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Then consume them as snacks. If you consume almonds in breakfast in the morning, then your stomach will be full for a long time and it will make breakfast much more nutritious.


4. Improve Skin Tone

It is not that only wrinkles disappear by eating almonds. Rather, their regular consumption also removes the problem of pigmentation and uneven skin tone from your skin. Regular consumption of almonds lightens your skin tone and helps in getting an even complexion of the skin all over the body.

This is due to the nutrients found in almonds, which help in the regrowth of skin cells by improving the mechanism of your skin. Also, it compensates for the damage caused to the skin due to toxins and free radicals.


5. Consumption of Almonds Makes Wrinkles Disappear

Almonds are more effective in reducing wrinkles on your face because these nutrients are found in their nutrients, which keep the skin young,

  • Vitamin-E
  • Unsaturated fad
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Polyphenols

All these elements help in regeneration of skin cells. Makes skin cells healthy and provides the ability to fight external and internal microbes.


6. Meet a Large Calorie Requirement

If you consume about a handful of soaked almonds a day. Or eat those things, which have been used in making almonds and you will get the nutrition of almonds in such quantity. So about 20 percent of your calorie requirement is met in a day.

That is, about 2 thousand calories that a woman needs every day, you will get about 20 percent by eating a handful of almonds. That is, it will help you to stay active throughout the day and this will keep the blood circulation right. The result will be that your skin will glow.


Expert’s opinion

Dermatologist and cosmetologist say that the things revealed in the study are really important. Eating almonds every day not only removes facial wrinkles but also improves skin tone.

Especially in our country where it is hot most of the time, it is common to have uneven skin. In such a situation, with regular consumption of almonds, women can also control this problem and keep the skin healthy.


Close to women’s heart

At the same time experts says that we all know about the health benefits of eating almonds because such things have been clear in the earlier research about this.

But this new study tells us specifically how eating almonds regularly has an effect on skin health. The problem of pigmentation and wrinkles can be overcome by eating almonds daily. At the same time, skin tone can be improved by improving skin health. This topic is very close to women’s heart.

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