Australian Makeup Styles That You Need To Follow Now

Australian Makeup Styles That You Need To Follow Now

Australian Makeup Styles That You Need To Follow

Every human on this planet is beautiful in his/her way, irrespective of the region he/she lives in. Similarly, every culture, religion, and heritage has their beauty standards. Here, Australians are adored to be the idyllic summer beauty. For all the sun-kissed and beach-ready styles, Australians are praised for their beautiful looks Australian Makeup Styles. They have sea-salted hair, which is complemented by their glowing skin.

Australian Makeup Styles – The Natural Beauty

By god’s grace, they’ve got heaps of natural beauty products, thanks to the local wildlife in Australia. Apart from all the kangaroos, sharks, and snakes, there’s a bounty of active botanicals in the bushes of Australia, including exfoliating finger limes, antioxidant-packed Kakadu plum, and pore-cleansing mineral clays. All of these contribute a lot in enhancing the natural beauty of Australians.

In other words, Australians use various natural products that are readily available in their surroundings for maintaining their skin radiant and healthy. For hydration of the skin, they prefer tea tree oil and almond oil in their shampoos. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties. They rinse their hair after shampoo with apple cider vinegar. For natural color on cheeks and lips, Australian women use beetroot directly. Exfoliation is the key, and they prepare exfoliation Scrub themselves. It leaves the skin soft and supple. One of the oil which is used by them religiously is Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is the best moisturizer, and makeup remover is the must-have product for them.

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Don’t get disheartened if you are not born in Australia! These are some factors that are not in our hands, but at least we can try to look like them by adopting their makeup styles. Australian women value what they have in their nature, i.e., fresh air or the ocean. Moreover, Australians spend a lot of time outdoors. So, each of their makeup involves the usage of sunscreen as a constant. With this, they also take special care of their diet and include as many nutrients as possible.

Are you ready to adopt the Australian Makeup Style? If yes, just sit back and read on the below-given points in the article and try them for an amazing outcome.

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Latest Australian Makeup Styles

For all makeup lovers, the favorite part is to experiment with the makeup looks. And if you want to make your experiment a trend, then try one at a time. So let us dive into some of the trendy Australian makeup styles you should try.

1. Dramatic, colorful eyes

It wouldn’t be wrong if I mention this style as the most lovable style. The recent year focused more on colors. In this look, all you need to do is focus on your eye makeup. Go extra with your eyes. Use the right color combinations for eye shadows. And if you are keeping your eyes subtle, you can experiment with colorful eyeliner. Let your eyebrows are the center of attraction; keep them as big as you can, and use more mascara coats for your eyelashes. Many women celebrities in Australia with this kind of makeup are also adding some pop color strings in their hair.   

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2. Blurred lips

The most attractive part of anyone’s face is the lips. Most women enhance their lips’ beauty with gloss, lip liner, various kinds of lipsticks, and many more. But in Australia, most of the makeup artists wore a look that had blurred lips. Here blur means that the lipstick is applied at the center of your lips and smudge color outward. If you are going with the blurred lips trend, you can even apply two coats and blur it on your lips’ edges.

Everyone loved the lip style because anyone can wear it, from celebrities to teenage girls.


3. The subtle combination of eyes and lips 

Women usually say that bold lips aren’t going anywhere. So here is the hack now, you can wear bold lipsticks with confidence. In this makeup style, the face always stays neutral. Clean your brows and fill them lightly. Use nude color for eye shadows and curl your lashes with curlers. Now wear whatever bold lip color you desire. This makeup look is an excellent way to bring the runway to real life.

4. Matte Smoky Eyes

Smokey eye is a common technique but wearing it differently is an art. Give you a Smokey eye look with a touchup of metallic and shimmering shadows. The 90’s trend is repeating. And many celebrities were leading the way and tried this look.

5. Twiggy lashes 

Now with this makeup style, you can easily enhance your eyelashes without any extensions or fake lashes. All you need is a right lengthening and defining mascara having a suitable applicator. Twiggy lashes style is loved by most of the women in Australia because of its hassle freeway.

6. Watercolor eyes

After so many years of neutral makeup, colors are now backing in the picture, and Australians are quickly adopting the style. The bold style includes pigment- creamy formulas and sunset-inspired blending. Even most of the makeup artists are now trying different logos on their face as makeup. Isn’t that amazing?


7. Illuminators: the boss 

Who is going to wait for the skin to glow back? Still, keep on consuming things that make your skin healthy until then, use many highlighters to get instant radiant. There are various liquid highlighters available in the market; grab any one of them and blend it into the high points of your face. In Australia, women use highlighters on almost every part of their body.

8. Colored eyeliner 

Now the time has arrived when black color eyeliner needs a long holiday. If you want to adopt the Australian Makeup Style, you should try punchy graphic eyeliner looks. All you need to do is fill your entire lid with a different color like teal, white, royal blue, etc., and don’t apply any kind of eye shadow. For lips, you can use gloss in this look. Use a light shade of blush just for a little tint. Let’s try different colors this season.

9. Crystallized eyes 

In Australian fashion weeks, many models carry the look in which their eyes contain crystal work. That eye look contains lots of shimmer and defined lashes. Not only was the eyelid enhanced, but the waterline was also enhanced with the crystals. Numerous people liked this look, and now it is trending all over the world.

10. Dolphin skin 

Dolphins have a natural shimmer in their skin. The dolphins themselves also inspire this makeup style. So this makeup look also contains a wet-look highlighting effect. With this style, you can achieve luminous, flawless, and illuminating skin. Before trying this look, make sure that your skin is well exfoliated and plump with hydration.

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