Why Asian Makeup Styles admired in the whole world?

Why Asian Makeup Styles admired in the whole world?

You all must agree that Asian beauty is one of the rare beauties in the world. Asians are adored worldwide for their shiny black hair and mostly for their flawless skin. They have a static buttery-soft and silky-skin even in their 40’s. Asian girls have pink cheeks, sensitive skin, and sparse eyebrows which adds an incredible spark to their natural beauty. It is all due to their rich heritage, and the culture they grow in, which directly impacts their beauty perception. On the other hand, Apart from the natural beauty of Asians, Asia is considered as a makeup centric region as well. They carry a unique makeup style of their own that the whole world admires. Isn’t it? And so, Asian makeup styles are more inclined towards simplicity, innocence, and fresh looks.

Bingo! This major credit goes to Asian women who are very well aware of enhancing their features with different makeup styles and slays every look and style. They look no less than princesses and that too just by applying little amounts of makeup.

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Are you looking for some Asian makeup styles ?
Well, you are in the right place! Check our special asian makeup tips and tutorials, exclusively made for women who wish to change their makeup game.

Natural Asian Makeup Styles

There’s always a reason to experiment with new makeup looks! Try these out if you want your sweet Asian features to stand out.

1.  Asian Face Makeup

Natural makeup for asian face:- Nowadays, there is a new trend in Asia: “glass skin” which is poreless, extraordinarily smooth, and seems transparent as well. You can achieve 75% of this glow with the help of foundations. You can also add illuminators to your foundation for that extra glow. But if you aim for 100% glass skin, you need to focus on your skincare more. Indeed, Hydrating and brightening skincare is the key to a desirable glow.

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2.  Asian Eye Brows Makeup

Earlier Asian women preferred to have fuller and straight eyebrows, but now from the last five years, the trend is inclined towards a tiny sharp arch bent towards the eyebrow. You can also use eyebrow fillers to get a fuller eyebrow look. Tip: Keep your brows groomed and tidy. Always remember eyebrows can make or break the look.


3.  Asian Eyes Makeup

Eyes are the most attractive part of Asian makeup looks. Even if you are doing nothing but maintaining basic eye makeup, you can look much beautiful. You can use eye lenses for a more significant asian makeup eyes look. Play with different colors when it comes to eye shadow. Go for deep tones and make sure you blend it properly, and no odd lines are showing up.

Apply a decent coat of eyeliner on your upper lid to give a nice pop and if you want to define your lower lid, apply a smudged liner. Also, for defining lashes apply a swipe or two of mascara, and you can also use an eyelash curler to make a good difference. And you are good to go.

4.  Asian Lips Makeup

Your makeup will look more hydrating and alluring if you have applied glossy corals, red tints, and pinks. In Asia nowadays, rather than filling full lips, women prefer a gradient look. Gradient look means applying concealer on the borderline of lips, merging it then, and adequately applying tint only in the mouth’s inner portion. A gradient look gives a more natural look to your face. Also, the most popular Asian Makeup Styles involves tuning your lip shade with the eye look. If you opt for heavy eye makeup, keep your lips nude, and if you want to show your lips, then keep your eyes subtle.


5.  Asian Cheeks Makeup

Cheeks are the most highlighted part of your face, and to get a perfect Asian makeup look (in case if you are not) or to get some super innocent look that you are, you have to work on your cheeks. It would be best if you opt for some natural colors like pinks and corals. They will glam-up your look, and yay you will be gifted with brand new plumpy cheeks.


Special add-ons to make Asian look Jaw-dropping

These special Asian makeup tricks will work wonders for your existing makeup look.

  1. Prefer liquid liner and volumizing mascara

The unique almond shape of Asian women is unique; using the wrong eyeliner can make them look smaller. Liquid liner works best for Asian girls. Short lashes are a common problem of all Asians. Instead of using fake lashes, prefer using the volumizing mascara will complete the look. Curl and apply mascara.

  1. Go for subtle contouring and the right color blush

Many Asian women have small and round faces. Creating some angles and lines on the face can help in defining your face. Apply blush on the cheeks up towards your temple. You can use highlighters for the high points of your face.

  1. Use a dark brown eyebrow filler.

When filling your eyebrow, you should be cautious about what color to fill in it. According to Asian skin tone, dark brown eyebrow color works wonders.

  1. Use sunscreen daily.

Asian skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation. Therefore to avoid that, you should apply sunscreen daily no matter what your age is. Use the one which is super light and dries fast.

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  1. Use good quality makeup products and brushes.

Good quality makeup products are set correctly in the preferred area, and makeup is the key to flawless makeup. For proper blending, use good makeup brushes.


Makeup is an art, and beauty is subjective. Beauty lies inside you, and makeup makes you feel more confident. And because of that, people are influenced by these looks. Everyone likes Asian makeup styles, and you can also adopt them and enhance your looks. You can use these styles and tips when you are going for a formal or an informal gathering.

Asian Makeup Styles are easy to attain and are indeed hassle-free. It would be best if you focus on less makeup rather than being more obsessed with it from a beauty aspect. In other words, Use little makeup and apply it precisely. Use the correct shade according to your skin. Most importantly, keep your skin healthy. Invest more in skincare. You will naturally love the glow if your skin is healthy. Well, now you are ready to enjoy your new, fresh, and natural makeup!

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