3 Homemade almond face pack for Flawless Skin

3 Homemade almond face pack for Flawless Skin

Lost youth will return, use almond face pack in these 3 ways:

We all know about the properties of almonds. Almonds are considered to be a particularly nutritious, strength, and intelligence enhancer. Few people know that almond powder can add new life to the skin and return your lost youth in a few weeks.

Eating almond powder and applying it to the skin in certain ways gives new birth to the skin cells. These skin cells become healthy and radiant. It tightens your skin, removes wrinkles, and makes you look 10 years younger than your actual age. Come, know how to eat almond powder and how to apply it to become young.


First thing to eat :- 

Eating almond powder gives the skin protein, vitamins and minerals. This causes damaged cells to repair quickly and new cells are formed rapidly. Due to this, the skin remains to glow naturally at all times. The vitamin-E present in it acts as a tonic for the skin.

You can consume almond powder regularly. That too in different tasty ways. Every day 3 to 4 teaspoons of almond powder should be eaten. The special thing is that you can feed this sawdust to children as well. This will provide full nutrition to their skin right from childhood and they will also become physically strong.


Eat almond powder like this :- 

You can consume almond powder by mixing it with milk or kheer. If you have problems with milk, you can eat almond powder with various ingredients. Like sometimes make its kheer with Makhana, sometimes with sago and sometimes with rice.

You can also use almond powder with halwa and fruit salad. This will not only enhance the taste of these things but will also provide complete nutrition to your skin. If you regularly consume almond powder for 3 months, after some time you will not have to spend much time and money on external skincare.

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Make almond powder like this :- 

It is very easy to make almond sawdust at home. You should make a small quantity of almond sawdust and store it. So that it can be used again and again easily. The method of making it is very easy. Know here what you will need to make almond powder

1 cup almond powder

1/3 cup sugar

7 to 8 Green Cardamom

Mix all these things and grind them in a grinder. When fine powder is made, keep it in an airtight jar. Then use it in food and on the skin.

Advantage of Almond Powder Face Pack

Use almond powder in both ways at the initial level. That means, even in food and applying it on the skin. This will bring back the lost youth, tightness, and glow on your skin.

You can mix almond powder with gram flour or wheat flour and use it as a face pack. If you want, you can also make face packs using the method described here.

Make an almond powder face pack like this

To remove the tanning, you should make a face pack of almond powder with this method. These are the things you need to make this face pack.

1 teaspoon almond powder

1 teaspoon aloe vera gel

1 teaspoon grated cucumber

1 teaspoon rose water

2 pinch turmeric

Combine all these things and prepare a face pack and keep it on the face and neck for 25 minutes. After that wash it with fresh water and clean it. You will experience coldness in the skin all at once.

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Almond Face Packs for Flawless Skin

  1. Almond and Milk mask For Tan Removal, first almond face pack

1 tablespoon almond powder

2 tablespoon milk

How to apply:

Take a bowl and blend each the ingredients in it. Combine it well until you get a thick paste-like consistency. Now, wash your face with lukewarm water and apply this mask on your face and neck. Keep this mask for regarding twenty minutes. Rinse your face totally with lukewarm water. You will apply this mask on your arms and legs too.

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  1. Almond, Milk and Grounded Oats mask For Natural Glow, second almond face pack

2 tablespoon almond

1 tablespoon grounded oats

3 tablespoon milk

How to apply:

Take a bowl and blend all the ingredients in it. Make certain you’ve got a thick paste with none lumps. Apply this mask before attending to bed. Clean your face with perfume with the assistance of a plant disease. Once you’re through with that, apply this mask on your face and let it keep there for twenty minutes, or keep it long. If you wash your face at the hours of darkness, use lukewarm water and apply your night cream then.

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  1. Almond, Turmeric and Gram Flour mask for fast Glow. another almond face pack

1 tablespoon almond powder

2 tablespoon gram flour

1 tablespoon turmeric

How to apply: Mix all the ingredients in a very bowl to creates thick pasty-like consistency. you will add a touch perfume, if you’re thinking that your mixture is no dry. Apply the mask everywhere your face and keep it for regarding quarter-hour. Rinse it with traditional water.

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Almond Shred Face Scrub

You can also use almond powder to remove dead skin cells. By using this, your skin will get vitamins and minerals.

The skin will have deep cleansing of the pores and will help in controlling the extra oil coming out of the sewage glands. Skin tanning will go away and your complexion will improve.

This is how to make almond scrub

To make a face scrub with almond powder, you only need two things. First, take 1 teaspoon of almond powder and mix it with 1 to one and a half teaspoons of honey. Just your face scrub is ready.

Massage your face, neck skin with this scrub for 3 to 5 minutes. Then wash the skin with fresh water to clean it. Your face will blossom and you will feel fresher.


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